Shifting from a house is, according to me, a very tiring and painstaking task. Reason, once you have decided to move, there are a lot of tasks involved. Changing postal addresses, getting TV, Internet connections, newspaper, and the like disconnected or discontinued. Sort out all the things you plan to take with you and keep the rest apart. Out of the unwanted stuff, again sort which has to be thrown in the trash and that which can be sold off or given to someone else. Get boxes to pack your stuff (in all required dimensions). Then slowly start packing your things. But be sure to keep your essentials out till you pack. This usually goes wrong with me. I would pack something thinking that it is not required till I move, but that proves wrong. I may have to open the packet again or buy a new one. So one solution is to not seal your boxes till the last date. Just close them and keep it around so that you can dig in and find something if it is urgent. Pack the not much used vessels in the kitchen. Pack all your decorative items in the living room and those lying around else where. And so the tasks go on and on.

The reason I am saying this (you might have already guessed) is because we are shifting AGAIN! It was a quick decision based on some situations. We finalized on the locality to which we wanted to move and for weeks kept searching online as well as roaming around there searching for a house suiting our requirements. Finally we found one (though there were some complexities involved). We decided everything and had a word with the owner and yes, we are planning to move over this weekend, if everything goes as planned. It is a newly constructed apartment and so yes, I am saved from that dreaded task of cleaning up the old tenants' mess. Unlike the house we are in now, we may not have a private terrace and lots of plants. I will definitely miss that. But the new place is airy and bright. I like that. And before marriage, I was living in this same locality. So everything looks fine.

The house we are in now is in a bad shape now owing to all the boxes around, stuff piled up here and there, and there is a lot of chaos. I am having a tough time deciding on what to pack, what not to pack, what to throw, and so on. Throwing away things is a great pain for me. I cling on to things emotionally. So overcoming that is the toughest part. Then we have a few things to be given away which we are still finalizing on. Hubby does help a lot in the packing and moves around all the heavy things :-)

And saying about the current house we are in now, it has been one of the best places we were in yet. The house was spacious and great. The locality was nice. We loved the balcony, terrace, and my plants. I loved the stairs in the house. Some of the best things of our life happened when at this house. And it never seemed to be small when we had friends and family visiting. Once we had around 10 people staying in the house. Yet there was enough room and everything was in order. We really loved this house. But priorities in life change, and we have to move on! :-)

So you might understand our plight now. And once we shift, again it takes almost a month or so's time to settle down in that place. I am just hoping that time passes quickly till that phase and everything should be smooth.

See you all....