Crackers everywhere!!!

Phew! Diwali is over finally. I usually enjoy the festival Diwali. We light crackers, light the house with diyas, greet friends and relatives and wait eagerly for the Diwali release movies. But this time it was not so good... :( All because of those nasty crackers everywhere.

As a child, I was very scared of the bursting sound of crackers. I used to cover my ears with both the hands, but loved to watch it burst. As I grew up, the intensity of the fear decreased. Now I do burst crackers on my own (I dare not burst the big ones though ;)), but don't bursting it much. Over here in Bangalore, people were crazily bursting crackers day and night. It was actually a nuisance (no offense meant).

After the crackers were burst, the whole place was filled with smoke, waste papers on all the roads, and crackers that had not bursted. I didn't enjoy the unbearable noise and smoke. But majority do look forward to Diwali only for lighting the crackers. To all of them - Belated Happy Diwali! :)

After a long time

I m back to blogging after a long time... What kept me far from my blog is a small vacation, work, studies, and on top of all that laziness! :)