Lemons Drizzle

Ever since I saw Lucy's Lemon drizzle cake, I had the urge to make one. I was not very sure of how it would turn out but decided that I should try it. I did substitute a few items due to unavailability. I had bought a new whisk recently and took this opportunity to try it out.

As the baking progressed the house was filled with a sweet fragrance of the lime. I just loved it. And I made the drizzle also. Oh! Loved how the cake was glistening.

Once it was cooled, I couldn't wait any further to taste it. I took a slice. It was heavenly! Usually when I bake, I throw in more ingredients. But this recipe was so simple and very less ingredients. And yet I think it was the tastiest I made.

Time for some pictures now.

Next time, I may use some cream and toppings! :-)