Again another Onam! Time just flies off quickly.

Last year, we celebrated the first Onam after marriage. It was a hectic Onam. After marriage everything changes. One such change is in the way Onam is celebrated. When you are single, you have all the leisure to celebrate Onam with your parents or friends. But once married, the tradition is different - ThiruOnam is celebrated at the husband's place. And the day after, at the parent's place. So last year, we were here one day, there next day, and again here the third day. The only concern is not being able to relax well after a festival.

But this year things are different. My parents are here. And we do not have so many Leaves to travel to Kerala as well. So Onam is in Bangalore itself. And no travelling here and there. So, tomorrow we celebrate Onam in its full grandeur. And to add to it, my in-laws are coming down on Sunday. So this year, we are celebrating an extended Onam, which is actually nice. And the best part - celebrate all the days at the same house with your dear ones around, without having to travel lots and can relax well :-)

Tomorrow, both myself and hubby are taking off to celebrate the day. So the duties for the celebration start from today evening itself. Arranging, organizing, cutting, cooking, cleaning, washing, ....... and on goes the list. And finally, if time permits, and if I get flowers, I wish to put an Athapookalam (floral mat) in the house. Let's see whether I am able to do it.

We also might have few friends visiting. So cooking will be in full swing. Though Mom is in control of the kitchen, I being the assistant will be loaded with work as well. But, still looking forward to celebrating this Onam at its best. :-)

Happy Onam!