Leaving behind 2010...

2010 was one of the greatest year of my life; got married in the beginning of the year, got job with a great company, had some wonderful outings and events in my life, and the list goes on... The year has given me the best of my life till now and I am really hopeful of the one coming.

Today is the last day of the year and I am down in Kerala with my family. Looking forward to end this year wonderfully and start the new one with a great start.

Wish you all a VERY WONDERFUL New Year ahead! :-)

Christmas 2010

Finally another Christmas is here... And want to know what we did for Christmas this year? Well, we bought a small christmas tree and decorated it :-) I am so excited about this because it is my first Christmas tree. Wanna see how I decorated it, see here.

We put a silver shiny star in front of our house. Planning for something more in the evening. :-)

During the day we went out to the Cake Exhibition happening in the St. Joseph School Grounds. Though the event was a much awaited one, I was not too happy with the exhibition. It was toooooo crowded, hoooot, and an unorganized exhibition. But I loved two exhibits.

UB City was just opposite to the exhibition ground and we went there and spent some time there. Then we did a bit of yarn shopping from the Commercial Street, had lunch together, and finally reached home by evening.

Merry Christmas to all of you out there!!! :-)

Too Excited...

Yes I am a lot excited writing this post. Babies, be it whosever, are always such a pleasure. We have recently had a new member in our family. My co-sister-in-law delivered a baby girl two weeks back. We haven't been able to travel down to Trivandrum and see her. But have been seeing her pics - Thanks to the Internet! She is a lovely one. So guess what we had been doing over the weekend. Yes! Shopping for her.

It was a wonderful experience - shopping for a baby. And that too a baby girl. We picked up all things pink in colour. Cute baby blankets, caps, teeny-tiny socks, and more stuff. It was quite interesting. This is the first time that we shopped baby stuff and it was quite amazing. We were really excited by the colours and variety of items available for kids. We were too excited and ran about picking almost everything beautiful available. It was tough deciding which to pick of what.

Have you tried shopping for a baby? Well, try it. It's really a lot more interesting than shopping for adults.

Weekend Trip

Last weekend was indeed a good one! Our destination was the Nandi Hills – around 65 kms from our place. Well, to be frank, initially I was not too impressed about the idea. But yeah, travelling away, out of the city, was a way lot better than roaming around in the malls and crowds. Saturday morning when I woke up, it was cloudy, misty, and cool. It did brighten up my spirits a bit. Finally we started on the journey, a group of four. It was fun. As we drove out of the hustling city into the outskirts, the places and journey seemed beautiful. We could see open farmlands, mountains, animals roaming around, and the cloudy skies all around. The air seemed to get a lot more chilled and we started feeling cooler.

Finally we were at the foot of the Nandi Hills and the view was quite impressive. We could see the mist covered mountain top, clouds, and greenery all around. As we drove higher and higher, the view became all the more beautiful. There were monkeys all along the way and a lot of people, like us, driving to the top. As we reached the summit, it was chilled and windy. It was already 3 pm and we had our lunch. Right after lunch we headed for ice-creams and to the shock of our lives, a big monkey snatched one of our ice-creams and raced away :-)

We moved towards the rocky areas and to take a better view from the hill top. The view was wonderful. We could see large stretches of land and area, straight roads, clouds, and mist all around. We spent a lot of time taking pictures and enjoying nature all around us. At around 6 pm we were about to leave when we saw small orange patches in the sky. We waited; the sky turned golden, then lavender, pink, and a lot more wonderful shades I can’t name. It was perhaps the most spectacular sunset I have witnessed in my life. The colours turned in depth and the glow of the setting sun was all around. After around 10 minutes, it was dark all around us. We headed for our car and started our journey back. I was literally shivering and holding my shawl tightly.

So – I loved the trip! :-)

And the best part, we prepared some hot dinner at home; all four pairs of hands contributed and we had a late, though wonderful dinner. And slept tightly the whole night.

On Reaching home...

Nowadays it is a bit boring when I reach home in the evenings. Reason - my brother has left Bangalore. For the past three months he was staying with us and it was really great! My brother was a freelancer during this period, and had the opportunity to be at home all day long. And it was a blessing for me, because, when I reach home there is someone to welcome me home :-) That is a real great feeling - coming home when someone dear is already there. My husband reaches late and is spared of the horror when you reach home early.

When my brother was with us, I would reach and ring the bell untill he came and opened the door. Then two cups of hot coffee for both of us, watch a bit of television (MasterChef Australia) together, a bit of chatting, and then move on to our jobs for the day.

Now things are different. I reach home, do not ring the bell. Instead, I fetch the keys out of my bag and open the door, switch on the lights, leave the doors and windows open for a while. No coffee or watching television. I right away move onto things to keep me busy and forget about being lonely. Nowadays I have started hearing all those small sounds in the house which were there even when my brother was there. I rarely go to the terrace in the evenings to spend time with my plants - I think that I'll not hear if somebody comes and rings the bell, fear that someone will sneak into the rooms while I am on the terrace, and a lot more wild thoughts run into my mind.

It is a real bad feeling when you arrive home and are lonely. I wait eagerly each day for my husband to arrive and till he reaches I am restless. It is really wonderful to have your loved ones at home, always.

Another Monday morning

... after a small, but blissful weekend. Still yawning and trying to cope with the fact that Monday is here again. I just hope one thing on this Monday morning, as all of you, hope weekend comes by very quickly :-)

Have a wonderful week ahead :-)

A Quick Peep

Hello all, I came in to say a quick Hi to you all. I have certainly been away from Blogland for a while, but did think of my blogs very often. I really find very less time for self these days. My days start very early as I take the company transportation. Evenings are spent with my plants and flowers. Then starts cooking, proceeds to dinner, and finally to cleaning. The days almost comes to a close, I watch television with hubby for some time, and finally go off to bed. There ends a lovely day. I often wish I could blog when I watch television. But I am often too lazy or tired to switch on the system and start typing. Apart from the fact that time is flying off, everything else is good and fine at my end.

Weekends often fly off with double the speed. We are either at home, doing household work or we go out. This weekend is another one I am waiting eagerly to arrive. Reason: We have family coming over. Yes, my in-laws are visiting this weekend and I am looking forward to the hustle and bustle in the house. I really love it when we have family at home.

Apart from these things, I am really glad that I have few plants with flowers on them. My roses have bloomed and there are yet a lot of rose buds waiting to bloom. They are in different colours and I just love them. Last week I plucked my first tomatoes. They were big, round, and red. Now four more tomatoes are coming up again. Really thrilled! Last week when we went shopping, I bought seeds of a flowering plant. Name - I forgot. The pic of the flowers on the cover took me by awe and I ended up buying the seeds. I planted the seeds and spotted the lovely sprouts yesterday. Eagerly waiting for them to start flowering.

Crafting is taking a very slow pace or rather no progress at all. I am too lazy to move my fingers after a busy day's work. But I hope to start all over again. Now I have even stopped browsing through my favourite craft blogs. Reason - I will feel guilty and uncomfortable when I see the lovely pics on their blogs. Plan to resume my crochet soon.

Apart from all these things, we had some lovely moments in our life over the past few weeks. We celebrated our first Diwali after marriage. Bursted crackers. Not many, but yes, did join the crowd. I stuck to the sparklers and flower pots while the boys bursted the risky one. I enjoyed the show. We enjoyed the rains, the breeze, walks at nights, the late night movie shows, and all small pleasures of life. Loving my life!


Is being a girl one of the best things in the world? Hmm... I am not sure whether it is always. But yes, there definitely is a lot of happiness and thrill in being a girl. I guess there are a lot of things boys or men miss upon in life. We, the ladies, often enjoy the soft, lovely, and creative things of life, while men don't always do that. But I do really have to admit that being a girl is not always so pleasing. There is one thing that I always wish could have been removed from the tasks of a girl. No I am not talking about all the household chores, but only cooking. This is one thing that I don't enjoy doing everyday.

Cooking for passion and experimenting out is really enjoyable. But doing it everyday is something that I am not very passionate about. The worst part is deciding on what to prepare. Once the decision is made, I try to put in all my good thoughts and efforts to make it. When it turns out well, I am indeed very happy. But when it doesn't turn the way I hoped, there are fingers pointed towards me (My brother and hubby are way too good cooks than me ;-))

Dinner time is what gives me all the troubles. Somedays I reach from office feeling sleepy or lazy. But then the thought of having to cook something for dinner starts to worry me. The situation is all the more worse when the boys don't share the same food interests. But I must admit at this point that though I make bad food and may be not according to their tastes, they still eat and complain very seldom. I am lucky for having these two good boys in my life.

I always wish, had the boys taken up the cooking part! I am glad to do the cleaning, washing, and all other household chores.

Nobody asks the boys why the house is untidy, clothes not washed, plants not watered today, bedsheets not changed, cupboard messy, or anything. For anything and everything, the girls are the ones being questioned. Is this because boys doesn't know how to do these things? NO. It is just because we know how to do it better than them ;-)

So do you enjoy being a girl? I definitely do but now am confused about what to prepare for dinner today :-(

100th post...

Yes, as the title indicates, this is the 100th post on this blog. I wonder why it took me too long to reach this figure. But I am really happy that I have been able to reach this small figure :-)

Coming out of the blogland, in my life, everything is going on well. We had a long weekend as Friday was a holiday. And added to it, I grew an year older on Sunday. We spent some quality time going out and meeting friends and relatives. Totally, we had a good time. We even spent some time by being all by ourselves.

Hope all of you are enjoying some good time out there.

Back Again

Its been a very long while since I posted anything in Blogland. Other than blogging, things are progressing well at my end. Office and work seems interesting. My best part of my days are the evenings when I reach home. It would be just be starting to get dark. A cup of coffee + some lovely roses in the pots on the terrace + a gentle breeze = a really lovely evening. Sometimes it feels nice to enjoy these small pleasures of life all alone. When in company, one may overlook these itty-bitty happy things. But only when you are alone and have nothing else to do, do you realize that there are happy things around you always.

Any progress on my crafting side? Not much really. Though I did start up with a few crochet things, I left them off halfway through. All of it is lying by my bedside. I would really love to start doing some crafty things again. But need a lot of time, patience, and inspiration. These are the three things I lack now. Time just flies off. Though I reach home before it gets dark, in no time, it is late night.

One of the new part in my life now is that I am taking the office transportation. Perhaps this is the first time in my life that I am going at the same time everyday. Never during my school, college life, or past career have I opted for the provided transportation. Either I stayed very close or used my two-wheeler. But now, though I stay close to the office, hubby is taking the two-wheeler and I am left with the only option - office cab. So, I leave and reach home on time. Some days I miss the cab or have to run to catch it, but most of the days I am on time at the stop, or rather, the cab comes late :-)

Well, I think that is too much of update for one shot. See you soon. :-)

4 years back...

Four years back, this day, I started off my career as a Technical Writer. I still remember how nervous I was! But to my luck, I had two of my colleagues joining along with me then. So I never felt left out. We were a batch of around 15 new joinees - all freshers. Within no time, all of us were good friends. Our training spanned over a period of around a month and then we were sent to our respective departments. Joining the documentation team made me nervous again. But soon, we were able to gel with the team and work. And there my career took off well documenting, learning, and reviewing. I spent the first one and a half year of my career at SunTec. It was in Trivandrum, the place where I spent some of the best years of my life. Well, when I had to leave the place, I was indeed sad. I left behind some really good friends.

Then I came to Bangalore and joined Sasken. The experience here was rather a different one. Lot more of professional and skilled people. What took me by surprise was the 50+ member team, which was very huge compared to the 10 member team at SunTec. I had a tough time remembering all the names. Timings were flexi, writing styles were different, cubicles were welcoming, and I got some dear friends. Within a short period I got adjusted well to the place and found myself adapted to this big team. I enjoyed the time I spent at the Bommanahalli office. Then our office location shifted to the Embassy Golf Links Campus. It was here that some of the good things happened in my life. I got married, took to crochet and other itty-bitty crafts, got into a good project and so on. But slowly things started changing at the office. We started seeing a steep increase in the number of people quitting from the firm. The number dropped down drastically over a short span. Though there were chances and small initiatives for revival I had decided to move on. And that's how HP happened to me.

Its just a week of being at my new office and I am settling down.

Back after a week

I am back after a whole week of sadhyas, travel, and lazy moments. The days were rainy, cool, and lovely. I loved the travels when it was raining. Since it was Onam, we had sadhyas on almost all the days.

I got to stay for two days at my home with my parents, brother, hubby, and Mittu. Got to see my cousin, Raji's daughter, granny, and few more of my relatives down in Kerala. Even got a chance to attend a wedding. That was perhaps the first wedding I attended after our marriage! I am always excited to attend a Keralite Hindu wedding. It will have lots of ladies in lovely silk sarees, lighted lamps, stage decorated with jasmine and rose flowers, a lot of relatives and friends to catch with, and finally a hastily eaten marriage sadhya. Hmm.. and as you guessed, I have put a few more kgs :-(

This time I felt a little bad at having to come back. On all previous visits to Kerala, I had to get a bit worried about the work accumulating as I enjoyed my holidays. But this time it was different. I had quit from Sasken. And hadn't joined HP yet. So I was completely relaxed. It was a tension free vacation.

But now that I am back to Bangalore and have to join HP tomorrow I am getting a bit tensed. New place and new people. Somehow I am a little nervous. Wish me luck...

New Beginning!

A lot of new things are happening in our lives now. We have shifted into a lovely house. It has lots of space, balcony, and a terrace with lots of plants. Mmmm.. do you remember how I had to leave my plants back at the old house? I was really sad then. So here I have some potted lovelies.

Here I can sit in the kitchen and blog (I mean it is not too a congested kitchen), can crochet sitting at the balcony or terrace, and do a lot more. It is a well ventilated and brightly lit house. Has two bedrooms upstairs (does that mean that climbing up and down will help me bring down my weight. I guess not ;-)) Well, I'll update you more on the house later.

I'll be joining my new company next Monday. This Thursday (19th August) was my last working day at Sasken. And something good happened. Re-instated some old lost friendships and left. Really felt good after doing that though I didn't take the initiative ;-) So have a week's gap to start afresh. We'll be traveling today to Kerala today evening to celebrate Onam.

And even hubby has got a new job. He'll joining the new company by mid September. So everything looks like starting new and good.

Looking forward to all good things to come our way and yours too! :-)

Monday News

Its almost 7 pm and I am still at office. Reason - Its raining! :-)

Now staying for some extra time has given me the freedom to browse through my evergrowing list of favourite blogs. And in peace. Almost all have left from the office and it is getting quieter around here.

And once the rains get over, we head home. An hour long journey! Phew! And I didn't tell you right - over the weekend we saw few houses and settled on the one for us for the next (maybe) few years. It is a lovelyyy house. We fell in love with it instantly. But sad part is that we can actually start living in there only by next month. Reason - we are travelling next weekend for Onam :-) So I ll keep you posted.

Seems like the rain is over. We need to head home. Bye for now! :-) Have a lovely evening.

A Week without a home

Its almost a week since we moved out from our old house. And we haven't moved into the new one yet. Reason: We didn't find one! One which we had finalised on, the current tenants took back their word of moving out by the last month end. Result: We end up being HOMELESS. But no, we are not wandering on the streets :-) Hubby's cousin and wife are here in Bangalore itself and they are the guys with whom we usually hang out over the weekends. So for the time being we have moved in there.

Their house is pretty far from our offices. Not too far, but the traffic is at its peak when we have to travel. Hubby has to log in exactly at 9:30 am and that means starting from home atleast an hour before that. That in turn means, waking up atleast an hour before that :-( This is the worst part. Its cool nowadays in the mornings and I don't feel like getting up. But I have to. My office timings are flexi and I used to enjoy it earlier. But nowadays I reach early and leave after almost everyone leaves. Sighhh! Yet, there is one thing I enjoy - travelling with hubby both the ways. Earlier, we used to go in two directions. But now we go the same way and its nice. :-)

We are searching for houses in the meantime and are eagerly waiting to move into a new good one.

Shifting from our lovely nest!

As I mentioned here, we are shifting from the house where we are staying now. Now we stay in one of the best locations of Koramangala with easy access to the Ring Road, Malls, and everything. But we have decided to shift. The reason - I am planning a change in my career or rather the firm. The new firm is a bit far from our current place. So we have decided upon a spot equidistant for both of us. And finally we are SHIFTING!

It was not too long back when we started staying at this house. It was right after our marriage. So we have stayed here for only 6 months. And that was a too short period of stay. This was a house both me and hubby chose together and moved in. It was the place we started our married lives to be specific. So we do have a special kind of attachement to it. Though there were a lot of not so good factors of the house like old fixtures, shabby exterior paints, and some windows which do not close properly, we love the house extremely. The foremost reason being that it is our FIRST place of stay together in Bangalore. Then, we spent a lot of time together in the company of each other, being with family and friends. Mittu loved the balconies of the house and I loved how the rooms were always lit up by natural lighting. My first experiments in gardening begin here; I believe I started crocheting well here (thanks to hubby's support); and a lot more things began here. I hand sewed curtains for some windows, upholstered our dining chair set, cooked, cleaned, washed (these three things go with me everywhere :-)), and did a lot to make this house our small home.

It was going on fine when one day suddenly we realized we had to shift. It was not heart-breaking or that sad a thing then. But now as days near by, we do have a little bit of sorrow somewhere down the deep corner. And yes, I know, this is part of life.

So, this weekend, we bid farewell to our first house in Bangalore and take off into a brighter future. The house will be really missed for sure :-)

Another weekend well spent

This weekend was again a full-filled one. We actually had no time to rest properly after the busy days. Saturday morning started a bit dull as it was cloudy. In no time, it turned out to be a bustling day with the routine cloth washing. That was followed by a hustle and bustle in the kitchen, getting ready and leaving the house. By noon, we visited a family friend and spent some time there. Evening on the way home, we picked hubby's cousin and wife and spent a lovely evening hanging out. When the guys spent the rest of the late evening experiment with their cocktail mixer (shaker), we ladies were busy in the kitchen. And we had our dinner at midnight :-)

Lots of plans were lined up for Sunday, but everything went wrong as we all woke up late. But we had the whole day to spend and rescheduled the activities. It was again a cloudy and windy day. We headed our way to Lalbagh Gardens. Though I had been to Lalbagh earlier, it was sunny then. But this time, we enjoyed it very very much. We walked for hours, but still weren't tired. In between we stopped to enjoy the breeze by the lakeside, sit on the sidebenches, munch on spiced mangoes and pineapples, catch glimpses of lovers huddling in the plant and tree pockets, and take lots of pictures of all of us. Then we had lunch, reached home and spread out on our beds and watched television till late in the evening. By night, our boys became active and took control over the kitchen. Result:- we ate some really tasty food!

But now our lovely weekend is over. We kept wondering how quickly two days passed.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Do you love your weekends?

Weekends are my favourite days of the week now. Earlier I never liked weekends. Weekends meant - cleaning, washing, cooking, and lots of idle time loafing around. But now its no more like that. Now weekend means - Cleaning, washing, cooking, lots of crochet, watching movies, evening hangouts, and ice creams! I just love my weekends.

This weekend was a rather long one. Monday was a work-from-day and as I had no pending work, it was more of a crochet-sleep day. We watched 4 or 5 movies over the weekend. You can read the latest updates here. Our days started at around 9 to 10 am and ended at around 2 to 3 am. We did go out twice or thrice, for shopping, simply, lunch, and to cafes. On Sunday one of my schoolmate visited us and my thoughts lingered on my school days for a long time in the evening. We also took a small walk around our nearby park on Sunday night. It was lovely! Cool breeze and almost none was to be seen anywhere. I loved the walk a lot and especially because I could use my scarf.

And after this long, lovely weekend, who would like to come to office? I had to. So looking forward to my next lovely weekend again!


I am still very much alive. It is the other things going around which prevented me from updating my bloggy little world.

I had two good weekends at a stretch, not too hectic (or rather smooth) working days in between, lots of happy hooking hours with my Big Pink Blanket and Big Granny Square, some private time with my green lovelies, some good cooking, and lots and lots of good times. Well, I am not a sporty person, so football is a no-no for me. I may or may not watch. If I do watch, I cannot watch it for more than 10 minutes at a stretch. But hubby is a big fan. And that's how I get all those long hours to crochet now. He keeps watching the matches till late night. Before the match starts, he spreads out the mattress on the floor of our living room. This way I can lay on the bed and see the television and fall asleep. Oh yes, it also gives me the opportunity to fall asleep crocheting. It is such a pleasure :-)

It's 12 am-ish over here. So I am off to my bed to start work on my lovely Big Pink Blanket. And when hands get tired, I read Collected Stories by Anita Desai.

See you all and have a lovely sleepy night.

Two Squirrels

No, this is no pet story. I do love squirrels but never had one as a pet. My dad says that he had one when he was in his teens. I love its tail and ears. Would love to hold a little squirrel in my hands and keep snuggling with it.

Yesterday I was working from home and hubby had left for office. While I was at the system, I could hear little rattles from the direction of the kitchen. I guessed it would be from the kitchen of the family downstairs. Few more minutes passed and I realized that the sounds were actually from my kitchen itself. Frankly speaking I got a bit scared. The night before that we had watched a horror movie and that came to my mind. I slowly neared the kitchen and to my horror up leapt something out from the shelf. It was a baby squirrel :-) It was panicked and kept jumping and leaping around. I moved back a bit decided not to frighten it. After a minute or two everything was normal. I assumed that it had gone out through the window. Then I spent nearly two hours in the kitchen cooking lunch. And all this while, this little intruder was silently sitting somewhere in the racks behind the vessels. I didn't know this. After all my cooking was over I came out of the kitchen and was back at the system. This time again I started hearing sounds and even before I could turn around I saw the little frightened one run past me out through the door. I could do nothing else than smile.

Today on my way back from office it was raining heavily. I was walking towards the gate when I saw a little squirrel lying dead and drenched in the rain. This time also I could do nothing than feel sorry for it.

How Time Flies

It was hubby's b'day last to last Sunday (May 23). No, we didn't cut any cakes. He didn't want to. But we all had a nice time. Enjoyed the day off and was very happy to be together.

We had another occasion also last week - my parent's wedding anniversary. It's 30 years since they have been together! Wow, I just wonder how time flies off. We decided that it was something to be celebrated. We ordered a cake. Thats all. And you know what, they remember their anniversary when I wish them! I keep track of some of these dates every year.

Let me tell you something more about my parents. They were married in 1980 and yes it was a completely arranged marriage. My dad is dark and my mom fair. At the time of the marriage, dad was a tall, dark guy with very curly hair and mom a thin, fair, small girl. I always ask my mom this question as to how she liked him when she saw him first. And her reply always is a smile or a big laugh.

This anniversary I initiated the question and she told us the story of how they got married. It was interesting to watch her and her expressions when she told the story. I have never seen them fight or argue over things. They completely understand each other's thoughts and feelings well. Over the years the trust and love have grown. And I would say that they are the best couple ever!

Good Times

We really had some good time over the last week. We had family visiting us. My parents were already here. And my in-laws also came over. Though hectic we all enjoyed thoroughly. Every evening after office hours was spent in going somewhere or the other. And holidays especially were the best. In the evenings all would arrive at home tired and lie down or sit together in the living room and chat continuously for hours.

For us, it was a special time to know the families better. My mom-in-law was all alive with the stories from my hubby's childhood. He was a real sweetheart and naughty kid. Mittu was the poor one who didn't enjoy much. We didn't take him out with us. So whenever we reached back he was all angry :-)

When it rained this weekend, my hubby and me, we had some rain drenching activity also on the two wheeler. It was an unexpected treat! Loved it!

Now that my in-laws have left, we are back to the old quiet lives. And next week when my parents leave, we'll be back to the quieter lives we share.

Hope you all are having a great time!

Wide Awake!

It's 2 30 am and I am still awake. Why? Because I woke up very late last morning and slept for a good two hours at noon as well. After all how much more lazily and happily can I spend a Sunday. My family didn't complain or raise eyebrows at this. Afterall I don't do it often. I really enjoyed the afternoon nap. But now I am suffering. I lied awake in bed for almost two hours and then finally decided to sit up and do something meaningful. So I first asked my husband's permission, who was also having a disturbed sleep due to having given me company at noon ;-) He agreed! I have started sewing a pair of gloves for myself. So I thought that I can better utilize time for that. Then somehow I decided - a bit of blogging and work. Hubby was kind enough to bring the laptop from the living room to the bedroom. He is somehow managing to sleep.

I really did some of the pending office work. And now I am happily blogging! Don't you feel I am luckyto have the best husband and lots of things lined up to do when I am not able to sleep? Yes, I am. Had I not had these, I would have been still tossing in bed cursing the heat, mosquitoes, and myself. Now I am scared of only one thing - Will I be late to wake up tomorrow morning? Hope not.

Hope you all had a good night's sleep! :-)

My small bloggy world

Blogs are perhaps one of the most wonderful things in life. Atleast it is so to me now. My day starts when I browse through my favourite blogs and see those bright pictures and read through the lovely heart warming posts. Not all of these are craft blogs. From these blogs I get slices of the lives of people in different parts of the world, make new friends, and learn a lot of interesting and new things. I must say that I would have led my life idle and monotonously had I not chanced upon these blogs.
These blogs even make me to like blogging more and more each day. I also have started loving to take pictures and notice the tiniest happinesses in life.
It really makes a difference when you try to see the world through another's eyes. These blogs make us see the different perspectives of life. Recently I came across a wonderful lady's craft blog. She is very much creative and brings perfection and beauty in whatever she does. Her pictures are cheerful and her life is bright. But after reading through some of her posts I realized that she was born with defects and in early childhood itself one of her legs were amputed. But the way she blogs and carries herself is remarkable!
I have been able to make some friends over the web as well through these blogs. We exchange mails and it feels great! Sometimes I feel disappointed when I don't blog for days together. Though there are no regular readers out there for my blog, I really enjoy this small activity. Now that I have started enjoying even the smallest happinesses of life, I have lots to write about each day, but find no time. May be I should quit job and stay at home to blog more ;-)
Hope you all have a great day and a wonderful weekend ahead.

Home Alone

Its raining heavily outside and there is no power. I seem to be the happiest person now :-) Except for me and Mittu, there's none at home. I have kept the doors open and the cool breeze is blowing in. Gleee... I am enjoying it. The system has a lil more of power left in it. Hope it will let me complete my post today. And now I am wondering what I should write about. Hmmm.... Still wondering!

Did I ever tell you guys that I have stayed alone in a house for around three months? I don't think so. Well now I am reminded of that. It was during those three months that I completed my certification in Tech Writing. The house belonged to my friend's grandparents and they were in Singapore. So I got this ground floor of the house all to myself. And a wonderful doggy, Tintu, also. Ahem, ahem.. I did have to pay the rent. It was not free.

Staying at the house was indeed a big challenge. Though the surroundings of the house were well kept, the house was not. There were big rats in the kitchen, some frogs in the work area, and a lot of cockroaches. I used only a portion of the kitchen. I never got into the work area. There was a store room of which I had never opened the door of the fear as to what would jump out. The paint was peeling out at places. There were heaps of newspapers and old toys in a corner of the dining rooms and lots of dust everywhere. I kept only those places clean where I used. I was actually a bit scared to touch things over there.

Though the house was a bit old and shabby I must say that there were some things wonderful about this period. Tintu was a very good companion to me. It was tied just outside my window and it would keep sniffing and growling slowly. So I was never scared of being alone in the house. All alternate days I used to bathe Tintu. Though she didn't like it much, she never misbehaved with me. I must tell you that I never had a pet dog in my life and Tintu was the first dog I ever gave a bathe and considered it as my pet as well. I am indeed a person who is scared of loneliness and darkness. But now I wonder how I managed to stay there all alone. Some nights there would be power failure and I would lay awake the whole night. Another thing about my stay here was that I started cooking alone here. I used to prepare coffee, rice, curries, noodles, and certain other dishes which I never dared to share with anyone else.

At this house, I had a lot of time to myself. I could watch television till I wanted to, on holidays sleep till I felt anymore lazy to sleep, and write, read, or just be lazy around. In a way it was good. Now I am wondering why I didn't learn crochet then. I had all the time in the world then. Some evenings loneliness attacked me. This was when I would feel homesick and sad. But I was able to overcome all those things.

Some nights when it rained over there, I would keep the windows open and enjoy the platter and small drops alone in the dark. And that same feeling am I getting now being all alone here! I must say, at times its good to be alone also. But not always. My husband will be home any moment. So now the waiting starts...

Enjoy your day!

Happy Me!

Its been raining most of the evenings here out in Bangalore. Some days it got really cloudy and dark and became really cool. The moisture laden winds were what I loved the most. It was wonderful to ride my two wheeler when it was about to rain! Bliss! Along with the rains I have been enjoying a lot recently. Wondering what all made me happy?

I love being in the company of my husband, parents, and Mittu. It really feels great when I reach home everyday. It would be a bit depressing when my parents go back to Kerala. But still I am happy that my husband is along. Wondering how quickly we got together! :-)

I have sowed a couple of seeds. All of them have started sprouting. Every morning the first thing I do now is water the sprouts. It gives me immense pleasure to see the green foilage. But one shallot's leaves have started yellowish. I guess that one container has water in excess. Should check it out.

I have started crocheting my to-be blanket again. Its been a long time since I worked on it. And I have rolled out all my yarn heaps which were kept pushed towards a corner. More happiness, as I have a storage place for my crafty items now.

I have come across a lot of new craft and gardening blogs recently. The photos and posts inspire and make me happy everyday.

And last but not the least, the wind has started blowing again. It may rain in a few minutes! :-) Hope you all have a lovely evening.


I was on 3 days leave the last week. Guess what I did! We went to Kerala. :-) It was a much awaited vacation. It was our first trip to Kerala after marriage. I was so eager to see our parents and Mittu. And did I tell you that my cousin sister, Raji, delivered a baby girl just a week after our marriage. This was the time to visit all.

There was one thing which we didn't enjoy about our stay there. It was too hot! We were sweating all the while. Luckily there was never a power cut when we were there. And unluckily, it never rained there as well! :-(

Coming back to Bangalore is always a pain. But this time it was not. I was very much excited. My parents were coming along! And so was Mittu. But there were some hardships in the journey. First was that we got a station prior to the one we booked and in the hurry forgot to take the ticket. So, was charged a fine by the TTE :-( Secondly, our tickets didn't get confirmed! We got 3 berths for 4 people. So me and my husband had to adjust on that one berth, all crumpled up. Not to say, we couldn't sleep properly. Last, but not the least, we had some co-passengers who kept blabbering and throwing tantrums all along the journey. So, an uncomfortable journey on the whole!

But after reaching back, it feels good. There is noise and more happiness in the house now. Adding to the happiness, it rained the last two evenings, I am crocheting a new mobile pouch, have lots of time to spend with family. And my shallot, which I planted a week ago, has started sprouting.

Just Like That

Last week we had our family visiting. My bro-in law n sis visited us. They were with us for around 5 days and I tell you it was great fun. There was lot of noise and activities going on in the house. Even my cousin sis also kept coming on and off. But now that they all have left we are left to being the two loners again!

Now I devote a lot of time to my crafts (pspss, that's why my kitchen and room are always a mess and never tidy). My place for crafts is right in front of the television and no wonder the room looks like an attic always. We sit until midnight, watching movies, and me multi-tasking. Cooking is always done in a hurry so that I can return to my sewing and crocheting soon. Somedays I am in so much mood that I keep apart all my craft and turn to cooking, cleaning, and washing. Now that reminds me that my laundry basket is full! :-(

Work at office was a bit hectic till last week. But now it has come back to normal and I feel a lot more relaxed. So altogether, I am enjoying life now and looking forward to our next trip to Kerala. Missing all of them so much. Especially my Mittu! :-)

Too fast...

Wondering how quickly time flies off! Its already a month since we got married. We were speaking of it yesterday and checking out the photos again. It was indeed a great day. Though I was completely lost at times on the day, it seemed wonderful.

Lot of my friends and relatives turned up on the day before and the marriage day. I was really overwhelmed when I saw most of them. Some who said that they may not make it, turned up unexpectedly and it was really pleasing. My sincerest thanks and love to all those who turned up for our wedding as well as remembered me on the day! It was great!!!

And yes I m still uploading the pics of my marriage to my Picasa account. I know its too late but I am too lazy now! :-)

Weekend Chores!

It is so wonderful when you have a person you love with you always. Yes, I am speaking about my new life and the person in it. Its really beautiful. We have moved into our new home (of course a rented one :-)) and have started our lives together. The bits and pieces from shifting are still not arranged. But the place is comfortable enough for us now.

Everyday seems interesting enough. Starting from cooking, the travel together, and the evenings together, I am enjoying every bit. My family and relationships have expanded now. The number of people to enquire about and who keeps enquiring about have increased. That is indeed a good feeling. But sometimes I feel that I don't get enough time for all.

Settling in with the new life is still pending. First we need to make our house better. For this we have to unpack the things, arrange everything, and get used to the house. Then we have to create routines or atleast try to do that. Now everything is done in a hurry. Cooking, washing, cleaning, resting; it seems like there is no time for everything. But yes we have to sort it out. Weekends are what we look forward to. But when the weekend comes we lazily sleep of or sit comfortably in each others' company.

I am doing a bit of home modification. Using whatever naive skills I have at crafting to modify the bad things at home. I keep looking around for whatever I can find to make our house beautiful and lively. Right from mats and curtains to my colourful yarn and try to put it in place. So lets see what I can do this weekend to make our house better! :-) Happy weekend all!


I am back again to my normal life but with a small difference. Now I am married! :-) It does feel good, especially the new people, their love, and even the smallest thoughts and acts of love I get.

Like most people say, my marriage ceremony also finished even before I could fully enjoy it. I was completely lost during that time. Lots of people around, relatives, friends, photo sessions, irritation of being in an uncomfortable makeup and lots of things like that. But very soon I was sitting and weeping at the pain of leaving my parents. Then started the new part of life. Entry into a new house full of unknown people. All came and introduced themselves. But it really took a lot of time to get registered.

The two weeks I spent in Kerala after my marriage was wonderful. The feeling of being close to near and dear ones everytime is really wonderful. But leaving them back was painful. Now I am back in Bangalore. Back to my normal life with a new person always with me. That is a good feeling though :-)

Lots of things to be done now. Right from unpacking things, arranging them, and getting adjusted to the new LIFE!!!

Fast Forwarding!!!

Well a lot of things are happening now. Shopping, packing, work, invitation, travels, and so many more things. My bedroom is a mess with clothes, books, and bags all around. Things in the kitchen are getting over and nothing new is being bought. All old papers, boxes, and clothes are being discarded. And finally, we are shifting this week. More exciting thing is that I am travelling down home this weekend. So quite a long vacation. But a really hectic one. Still I love anything when I am near my dear ones!