Back after a week

I am back after a whole week of sadhyas, travel, and lazy moments. The days were rainy, cool, and lovely. I loved the travels when it was raining. Since it was Onam, we had sadhyas on almost all the days.

I got to stay for two days at my home with my parents, brother, hubby, and Mittu. Got to see my cousin, Raji's daughter, granny, and few more of my relatives down in Kerala. Even got a chance to attend a wedding. That was perhaps the first wedding I attended after our marriage! I am always excited to attend a Keralite Hindu wedding. It will have lots of ladies in lovely silk sarees, lighted lamps, stage decorated with jasmine and rose flowers, a lot of relatives and friends to catch with, and finally a hastily eaten marriage sadhya. Hmm.. and as you guessed, I have put a few more kgs :-(

This time I felt a little bad at having to come back. On all previous visits to Kerala, I had to get a bit worried about the work accumulating as I enjoyed my holidays. But this time it was different. I had quit from Sasken. And hadn't joined HP yet. So I was completely relaxed. It was a tension free vacation.

But now that I am back to Bangalore and have to join HP tomorrow I am getting a bit tensed. New place and new people. Somehow I am a little nervous. Wish me luck...

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