Had to blog today

Its my birthday. When I was a kid, I used to wait eagerly for this day. Birthday then meant wishes, new dress, chocolates to school, cake cutting in the evening, and an overall feel-good day. When I grew up and during college days, it was all about wishes and gifts from family and friends. Once I got married, this turned out even better. One special gift, again lots of wishes, and a quiet cake cutting in the evening. And this year, now that I am a new mom, all I want is some rest and time to my self :-) I wish for no more. Loving every one and everything around me.

Too much...

... has been happening around me!

Yes, I am a new mom. As if dealing with the new-mom-blues was not enough! My parents left back for Kerala when my baby completed 5 months. And I started working from home. Juggling with baby care, work, and household tasks was leaving me with no time and space for anything else. I had long To-do lists everyday and most of the items kept getting carried over to the next day. Same with my work too. I somehow kept pushing it. Late night work, attending calls and meetings, trying to keep myself motivated, everything seemed least achievable. My only soothing times used to be the late evenings when hubby returned from work and used to take over the baby care. I used that slot for cleaning, taking a shower, and cooking. And late nights, after she slept, I used to do my office work.

Things were running so when another thing happened. One Friday morning I receive a call from my husband saying he met with a minor accident on the way to office and has a shoulder fracture. I really didn't know what to do - having an infant, I cannot just leave home like that. Luckily hubby's colleagues were with him and I waited till he was back. Finally he came back wearing a hand sling and shoulder cross belt. He was in pain. Doc asked him to take rest for 6 weeks. My misery started there. This incident initially meant that hubby would not be able to actively participate in baby care. But there were more to it. The pain was excruciating for him. He used to wake up at nights, could not sleep, wanted to have the belts readjusted, and for everything, poor thing, he needed my help. And my baby, she too!

There were days when I slept for just 2 hours. My whole body and mind ached. I just wanted things to be on track as before as quickly as possible. But even after a week, hubby's pain did not subside and he could feel the bone fragments moving inside. A second opinion, and we discovered that there were multiple fractures and surgery was the only way. What!!!

We prepared to get the surgery done within 2 days. My dad came down. Hubby was hospitalized for a week. I used to reach the hospital in the morning with my baby, stay there the entire day with her, and leave for home at night. Phew! 1 week somehow passed. When dad left, in-laws came down for a week. And they also left.

Now we are back to being mom, dad, and baby at home. Baby - rolls and rolls over, does not sleep during the day, is very active, wants mommy with her always, and is ready to cry the moment mommy is out of sight. Dad - recovering slowly, but still needs help with dressing the wound, and anything that involves using both the hands, taking medications, and some cause side effects, which again cause some problems. Mommy - taking care of both, doing my work, somehow balancing things at home, and now the late night sittings periods have extended.

All said, I have no complaints. I love each moment of being with both of them :-)


Well... It's been a very long break I took from my blogs. But yes, I have a strong reason now. I am a Mom now :-) My angel is now 3.5 months old and a darling. She was not in her very good moods for the first 2 months, which gave me a complete nervous breakdown. Sleepless nights, incessant cries, tiredness... I thought these were to last forever. But no, now she is a real angel, though troublesome at time ;-)

Now she has started to gaze at things, recognizes us, smiles a lot, plays by her self, and the most recent update - started turning over! She is the sweetest thing that happened to me. Yes, I do have a lot of work now. And now that I have joined back to work, I find no free time at all. One good thing is that I am working from home, so I save at the least the travel time. 

I enjoy all the new things in my life - innocent smiles, sleepy eyes, cute bottom, tiny hands and feet, washing the tiny clothes, breathing in her smell, cuddling with her, and sometimes even the way she cries! And this leaves me with no time to craft, cook, or do gardening :-) 

And as I write, I see her lifting her hands and feet in the air, signalling me - Mom, I am going to wake up soon. Get ready! So you may see very little of me here or if she allows, regularly!


Perhaps the worst new year of my life till date - sitting alone in a hot and humid room - no phone - trying to connect with loved ones using a slow internet connection! How boring can a New Year eve be?

Happy 2013 to all of you!