Idle and bored

I literally have nothing to do for the next few hours. I have given a document for link validation (2847 links) and last day 2000 links took 3hours. Don't know how much its going to take today. And today I really have to post it! :-(

Caught up idle with nothing to do. I am extremely hungry but the cafeteria guys havent finished arranging the food. So just thought of blogging in btwn but really have no topics. Again a weekend is here. But this one wont be boring as the old ones. Reason - my parents and mittu are back :-) Need to catch up on lots of sleep. I am literally sleepless nowadays. I am forced to share my room with my aunt who wakes up in the oddest hours of early dawn to complete her pending office works and start her day! So my day starts with all those bangs and bongs here and there. Its really annoying but can't help. Then this weekend, a few friends would be coming home for lunch hopefully (torturing my poor mom).

I have bought a few books also. Need to start reading those and also re-start a few things I left mid-way years back!

I Skipped!

During school days, we all had play hours! And sure we all did enjoy those hours a lot. I used to engage myself in less sweaty games like carroms, chess, being the silent spectator, and occassionally I did sweat out playing badminton. But I had a lot of friends who opted skipping. I used to envy them just because I knew not the art of skipping. Very effortlessly they used to skip around the playground, sometimes two together. How I hoped even I could skip like them. But I never shed a drop of sweat to learn that. I was too lazy!

A month back when I went shopping I noticed a skipping rope and instantly bought one. For the first few days I made many futile attempts to skip well. But without much success. There was something wrong, I couldnt jump with the correct timing. Either I would be well ahead or too late. And sometimes I would hop through it. How funny! I know!

The skipping rope went unnoticed for a few weeks. After that I saw a music video in which a girl performed too many tricks (amazing ones) with the skipping rope. I made up my mind, though not any of those tricks, atleast the basic skipping. I practiced everyday. But simply I couldnt get through it. I was desparate. There were times when I really toppled over and found my legs entangled in that knotty mess!

But one day absent mindedly, it happened. Perfect! But I knew not how. Then I tried again a lot many times and finally found out how. All those days I used to lift from the ground at the wrong timing. I know people might find it stupid that I didnt realize it but that is what happened. So, now I can skip (not very well). Now atleast I am happy, I know how to skip!!! :-)