Where have I been?

Well, I have been around here only. But was a bit lazy and busy as well. You must be wondering what was there to keep me busy. No, its not the household work this time. This time it was my new addiction - Watching Movies! Seriously I have become a movie addict and a fan of Denzel Washington! :-)

So saying more about the movies I watched, I ll just give you a small list of the names I remember now - The Inside Man, Bone Collector, Taking of Pelham 123, Cast Away, Untraceable, Rescue Dawn, Behind Enemy Lines, Sahara, The Kingdom, Green Mile, and the list goes on. :-) I have got so addicted to movies that I watch sometimes even 2 to 3 at a stretch and get restless when I don't any for a day or two. Heights of addiction I guess!!!

And my crochet also is progressing. It keeps me occupied before I go to bed. I sit and crochet until my fingers ache and I am damn sleepy. It gives my ultimate pleasure to watch the stitches progressing and the yarn taking its shape into what I want. Sometimes I regret for not having started crochet long before itself.

Christmas is around the corner! Just two days away. Hippie... How I used to wait for my Christmas holidays when I was in school and college! Even this time I am going home for a few days :-) And yes, when I say about Christmas, there is always the memory of Secret Santa associated with it. Right from school days, we used to play the Secret Santa. And this time too we played it last week. I was happy gifting a few small gifts wrapped in a gift paper to my friend. Even I got a small gift - a small chess set :-) Looks cute but sad part is that I don't play chess. May be I can start playing :-)

So now off to do my project work :-(

My new friend!

I did mention that I took a new two wheeler in an earlier post. But I didn't tell u anything about the new vehicle rt? Okay, let me tell you. A black Suzuki Access 125!

The vehicle, I rather prefer to call it as the Black Lady. Don't know why but I prefer to. So this new black lady is a lot different than my old friend. She is not slim and sleek light my Kinetic. Rather she is a bit bulky and plump (may be to match my physique ;-)). Though bulky, the weight is not much. This was one thing I was concerned about before buying. If the weight is more than that of my Kinetic, I would take some time to get adjusted to balancing it. But to my surprise, she was more of being "light weight".

It is not even a week since I got her. So we are still new to each other. But we had a small adventure ride a few days back. It rained heavily that day and in the evening when we returned, a stretch of the road was completely under water. And when I say under water, the lady's tires were fully immersed in the water and the mat was wet! I had to do it as I was already late and there was no other way to get home. With lots of apprehensions and fear, we crossed. There were lots of risks involved - the tar was missing at some places, there were pebbles and stones on the way, and worst of all there were pot holes in the road. These were risks because I could not see what was where other than the water. Added to it when the big vehicles came from the opposite side, it was like waves coming off to our side. For a moment I felt I was on a boat ;-) But yes, we managed to the other bank of the road rather safely and without any problems. Thank God! Phew! My nerves were about to burst owing to my tension.

I was telling you about my new black lady rt... Initially we did have some problems or rather mutual understanding was less. If I had to be a bit harsh on my old Kinetic, this lady just senses it on my touch. So I took two days to get adjusted to this spontaneity of her. And once that was over, we became a bit more friendly. In many aspects she is similar to my old Kinetic. She waits patiently for me, understands me, and we have started loving each other ;-)

So that was it about my new lady. Two days more and she will be a week old. Are we planning to celebrate? No, we have to go to office :-)

Days are short!

No this is not any geography class but in fact days seem shorter to me than nights now. There is very little time I get to spend on small activities of my own. Mornings are a hurry. I often reach office late and I know there are many eyebrows raising on this. But I am somehow not able to help it. Something or the other delays me each day. It can be the household work, rains, traffic, and sometimes even my laziness. I know I must learn to be more punctual. Everyday I say this to myself. Perhaps from tomorrow I might be a bit more early to office :-)

Evenings are even more tiring and fast. Reach, relax a bit, cook (sometimes I just don't ;-)), wash, clean, and its already too late. My eyelids become heavy and body numb. But somehow I manage to sit for another 20 or 30 minutes and do my crochet work. Sometimes I feel sad that I am not able to spend more time on this newly developed hobby. And the moment I fall on the bed I am fast asleep :-D

Weekends are even more quick. I just don't realize how can two days go together that fast! Again today will end soon and my hectic week schedule will start.

Happy Sunday guys!

A 7-yr old companion

My companion since 2002. Always been with me in my good times and falls. Wherever I went I had this accompaniment. However long I took being at places, there were no grudges or complaints for making the wait too long. A sharing and caring shoulder to bear all my weights and always been a wonderful friend. Never betrayed me whenever I had a fall in life. Stayed with me very compassionately while I stood up and was flying with the winds again. This age old companion is none other than my 7-yr old 2 wheeler. More correctly, my Kinetic Zoom.

My Kinetic Zoom was brought during the summer vacation of 2002. I was instantly attracted to this grey vehicle at the showroom and soon it was mine! Thanks to my dad for that! It was after I brought this vehicle that I learned to drive a 2 wheeler. I had some very bad falls, no fractures or broken bones though. But yes, once my Kinetic's rear lights and indicators were smashed.

It was bought from Rajasthan. After a year, transported to Kerala when I went down for my higher studies. Then after a while to Bangalore and now within a few days it will be back to our home in Kerala. Though I am reluctant to part with it, I am forced to. I still can't forget how it used to take me through those humps and gutters, mud and broken path, rickety and rackety, bearing all my weight and of whatever I used to put on it.

Last day I got my new 2 wheeler (it was out of sheer compulsion I had to buy the new one). I know that my old friend must have felt bad. Even I felt bad also when I had to leave it at home and take the new one to office. All these years if I went anywhere alone, my companion was my Kinetic. So today I was not feeling very comfortable with the new companion. All the way I was thinking how good my oldie is!

Mentally Stimulating Diversions...

I found out a cool website today - http://www.sporcle.com

There are a lot of games sorted by categories in it. If you love small quizzes and games like me, then this website is real treasure. There are different categories like Entertainment, Just for Fun, Science, Geography, Language, Literature, and so on.

I loved the simple quizzes like naming colours, the surnames of cartoon characters, elements of the periodic table, and brand identification. Only when we are put to test do we start thinking of the small things in life!


Hmmm... These roses look really nice right. I saw them on the way being kept for sale and couldn't resist buying them. There was actually a big tub full of these half bloomed beautiful. They were fresh and tempting me badly. Though I was really late for office, they made me get down and buy a few from the lot. The price was pretty cheap. The flower seller guy cleaned up the thorns and extra leaves, tied them in a bundle, and gave them to me. Oh how I loved it!
Now what I actually did with it after that... Keep guessing ;-)

Blue to Black

If you remember, I had a blue helmet. I had mentioned it in one of previous posts. I didn't actually love it but yeah I had been using it for the last 19 months. I know its a good deal of time. But I didn't have any special attachment with it. It was bought during the initial days when I reached Bangalore. Me and my brother were going somewhere but he had forgotten his helmet. And he had to buy this blue helmet out of an emergency. And when my Kinetic reached Bangalore, the blue helmet became mine.

I never used to lock my helmet. Just used to leave it on the side mirror. When people warned me I used to be overconfident and asked back "Who will take it?" But yes, somebody took it :-(

Last Thursday when I reached the basement to go home, I noticed that my helmet was missing. I was going bonkers! How could I go home. I am sure to be caught by the traffic police. I complained, searched here and there, no use! It was gone. I was actually having no idea what to do. Finally I tied my scarf on and took the backgate way. That way is actually horrible now due to the construction and tarring work going on. It is way too dusty and without helmet in the evenings fireflies come and hit you. I had to take that way. And somehow I managed to reach home.

My brother was waiting at the door to scold me :-( But then he went and brought me a new helmet. A better one actually. It is really a good one and I have started loving it. Its a black, light weight helmet. Now I know for sure, I ll never leave my helmet unlocked. :-)

An Awaited Day

My birthday was perhaps the most awaited day every year when I was a child. When the calendar is bought, the first thing I used to do is mark my b'day right on October 17 and then mark all the other birthdays I knew. The day was such an awaited one always. Right when the month of October starts I get excited and butterflies flutter in my stomach. As a child, there were many reasons to get so excited about my own birthday.

On the day right before the birthday, we used to go out shopping. This was for the sweets and a beautiful dress for me. I remember those cute, colourful frocks. Oh, how I loved them! :-) When we reach home, it would be late. Then my parents would sit and pack the different varieties of sweets in packets of different sizes - for her class, for his class, for the office staff, and the list used to go on. I would go to bed very reluctantly. Most often the night before the birthday, I never used to sleep well. Early in the morning itself I would get up. All would wish me. My day just brightens up with that.

Then the way to the school wearing the pretty, new dress. All along I hop and sing and go. The day at school is usually spend merrily. Distributing sweets here and there. Roaming around in the colour dress. And too many people wishing me. It was so good! Evenings were the most awaited. My dad would take me out to buy the cake. Since it is my birthday, I get the complete freedom to choose the cake. Those creamy coloured yummy things! We get back home, cut the cake, take photos, and distribute the cake and sweets among the friends and family there. Birthday gifts from my parents and brother was something I loved the most. Especially the lovely birthday cards. I still have them stuffed up at home in my cupboard.

Things changed a bit when I came down to Kerala for my studies. My parents were not with me. But still birthdays were the awaited days. Buying the new dress ritual stopped. But sweets and chocolates were always in plenty. Thanks to my aunts! They used to buy these in bulk and used to reach the hostel early in the morning with these. My parents used to call me and wish me. Though the cakes also were not cut any longer, I still loved the day.

But as years passed, I don't await the day as much as I used to. Now I understand, why were I the only person to remember the birthdays of my parents. I used to wonder how could they forget their own birthdays. May be with time even I will start forgeting mine. :-)

Well, my this year's birthday was a good one. It fell on the same day as Diwali. Crackers and bursts everywhere. I just imagined that people were celebrating my birthday ;-) The wishes started at midnight itself. It started with my fiancee, my cousin sister, cousin brother, and a few friends. By noon, most of the ones who remembered had wished me. It feels so nice when people wish you. And I got a few gifts as well... some really pretty gifts :-)

So finally my this year's birthday is over and I am an year older now!

Saturday Morning!!!

Back to Bangalore after a good long vacation is my worst nightmare. The silence and lonliness just knocks me down. Then comes those dirty clothes, messy kitchen, dusty frames and items, and all irritating items. It takes me another long week to settle into this boring life again.

But this time when I came back, I had some relief. My cousin sis is wid us now. So she has taken care of a lot of things. Phew! :-) But still this Saturday morning I have loads of work to do and am still stiting lazily here sipping a coffee my brother made ;-)

Planning to wash the clothes, do a bit of crocheting, and then start studying for my approaching exams. I want a pass mark atleast this third time! And about my crochet - its progressing steadily. I made a couple of things like small table mats, mobile pouch, and a glove for my left hand. Currently I have two big projects. One big table mat - red and black mix Granny Squares, and a shawl - baby pink with maroon stripe in between.

So starting my day now! :-) Good day to you all :-)

The Way!

I go to office by this way.
I took this snap once when I went by an autorickshaw on a rainy day. Lovely right?
Both the sides of this stretch of road are like this. Lush green! And the road looks like this.

Though there were some potholes, the road was good. Used less by four-wheelers, and hence less traffic. But now see it.
It might become a better road hopefully :-)

Over the Week

Another weekend already! Just wondering how this week just flew off. And taking a list of all what I did:

A lil bit of crocheting. Started my new craft blog as well. Interested people can see it here -
Crafty Days. I am very pleased with my work (not blowing my own trumpet ;-) )

A bit of cooking. I baked a cake (not my own recipe) with the Pilsbury cake ready mix. It came out well. This time I had bought the Vanilla cake mix. But I prefer the Rich Chocolate cake mix. Its actually tempting. Plan to buy one more :-D

Washing is something which never ends. This week I had two sets to wash. My brother's and mine. Hmm... Done wid that also. Cleaning didn't interest me much. So it is left for this weekend.

So happy weekend!

Petrol Prices Hiked!

Yesterday I felt a bit sad for the first time when petrol prices were hiked. Earlier this never used to affect me. While in school, I used to be in the hostel or when I was commuting daily, we had concessions. When in my XII, I used to go on my good, old (brand new then) Kinetic. I never had to worry then also. My father was the bank that time. Then college and first job, I stayed too close, so that I just had to walk a few minutes. When I joined Sasken, we were at the Bommanahalli office, which was just a matter of 4 kms from my house. So, 100 Rs of petrol was lavish enough for my 5 working days and roaming over the weekends. But now things are no longer the same!
Now my office is 14 kms far, that means, 28 kms daily. 200 Rs of petrol is sufficient for just a week! And now they have hiked the price also :-( So bad right? Well, I know nothing about economy, inflation, GDP, GNP, whatever. May be its good for the country. But bad for me now!

Lazy Moments

Sometimes I feel so lazy that even moving a finger seems a tiring job. Last week was like that for me. But I would wake up early. Sit and crochet (the only thing I was not lazy about doing) till I realize that I would be late for office. Then waste a lot of time thinking what to cook. And finally end up cooking up something very easy, but which my brother doesn't like. I do this very confidently because I leave home before he wakes up :-) When that part is over, I get lazy about coming to office. Problem is that our office has shifted to Embassy Golf Links Business Park, a place a bit far from mine. Now I have to travel around 14 kms (one way) and is tiring compared to the 4 kms which I had to travel earlier. Riding my rusty, old two-wheeler all through those bumps and gutters make me feel tired even before starting. And when I reach, no parking space :-@ Feel irritated at times. Before shifting itself everything was counted and listed, like how many vehicles and stuff. But now I have to push in my vehicle somewhere. Thanks to the friendly security guy over there. He helps me with this process everyday. After all those troubles I reach my cubicle, log into my system, check my mails, and realize that my Project Manager at Canada has not responded to my query again. Don't know how many days is it since I sent out that query and two reminder mails also followed. How can people act like this!

Then 8 hours spent browsing and helping other project members I finish my day very lazily. And again that boring journey back. The moment I reach home I start with the crochet. Really don't know when my brother is going to break that hook! Kitchen beckons me but I act as if I am so deeply engaged in my crochet. Finally when I hear the sound of my brother's vehicle, I throw the hooks and yarn apart and run into the kitchen and prepare something very quickly. Then dinner, washing the dishes, and crochet again!

But from last Sunday I am regaining my lost energy. I have started cooking, washing, cleaning, crocheting, reading, travelling, shopping, and everything else which was there on my list earlier. Hope I don't become lazy again.

Back after a Long time

I know its a long time since I did some posting. There were so many things which kept me pre-occuppied - work, house-keeping, cooking, and a newly developed passion - Crocheting. I had learned the basic stitches very long back, may be more than ten years now. But never took it forward. Recently I came across a few wonderful crochet blogs, the most wonderful among them is Lucy's attic, http://attic24.typepad.com/. A highly inspirational one! So nowadays I am addicted to my crochet hooks and threads. I did work out few okay patterns as well.

Last week I bought a bag full of yarn from Commercial Street. How I love the pile! Will be working more on it. :-)

Missing Life...

My cousin Raji got married last Sunday. It was a wonderful occassion; my childhood friend, sis, and ever best companion. A few days in Kerala, along with all those friends and relatives, it was a cherishing experience. But now that all is over I feel somewhat sad. She, as I mentioned, was my ever best friend. Now she has lots of newer responsibilities and morover a new person to accompany in everything.
I am jus remembering how nice it was when we were kids, and we were together. Loads of fun and mischiefs. The night we stole our grandma's dentures, the wrestling games we played, the fights, the pretty pranks, carelessness, happiness, griefs - everything was so wonderful that the memories are still live within us. Those days will never come back. But those memories will never leave us either.
There were times when we laughed and cried together. But now, in two different places and two different situations. Perhaps we can never again become what we were but I am glad we had such good times together.
Love you Raji!!!

Happy Vishu!

Vishu is one of the festivals I look forward to the most. Firstly for the 'kani' and secondly, the 'kaineettam'.
Before I started working Vishu was the one major factor that contributed to my pocket money. We used to wait eagerly for the day to start. 'Kaineettam' from my parents were always a good amount to make me happy. Apart from them, my grandmom, uncles, and aunts also used to give us kaineettam. By the end of the day, we would have collected a fair enough amount.
But nowadays its different. In a faraway place from the family, and that too employed. So no scope for much amount. But one good aspect is that my parents have increased the amount by a few more hundreds. And well thats all now. This year I wanted to give them a good 'kaineettam', but unluckily forgot to take money yesterday. So had to adjust with the amount borrowed from my brother.
'Vishukani' is what I love the most. The night before itself my mom would prepare everything and keep. From childhood itself, every 'Vishukani' I saw had in common two things - my moms gold chain with her 'thaali' and a laminated big picture of Lord Krishna as a child, eating butter. These two things have been there always.
Some years when I was away from my parents, there was no 'Vishukani' for me. And I did miss it terribly. But today I was fortunate enough to start the day or rather the year 'blessedly' (thats what I feel viewing the lighted lamp in the darkness of the early morning).

A Happy Vishu to all of you!

Treasured ones...

We always treasure some people in hearts. Be it somebody whom we see since childhood, or one we saw only once in our lifetime. It gives us immense pleasure at times simply just to think of them.
I have few very good treasured friends and people in my life. And guess what I either communicated with some of them today after a very long time. This is actually giving me lots of joy. Know not why!
A roommate for a year and a half, who was always a great friend as well. But time parted us and put us in two far locations. Its been more than an year since we met. Some incidents in the meantime, seemed to test our friendship. And to an extent we failed in the test. But today after a long time, I had a pretty long chat with her. It seemed as if, we were never too far. May be that's the feeling when you speak to a true friend. :)
Since childhood, me and Raji were together. Our growing years and overgrown years (;-)) we spent together. But somewhere when life took the serious turn we were thrown on the two sides of the path. This kept us a bit far from each other. But our liking and sharing was always there. And now she is about to get married soon. And after marriage, I have heard, nothing is nomore the same. :-( Sadly I realize, she would now on lead a busy responsible life of her own, and me mine own. But still both of us would treasure those wonderful childhood memories! :)
A few more friends - scrapped and mailed all of them today. Feeling so happy that I am rich with good friends - though far! :)

A man, Everywhere!

Last evening, on my way home I heard a sudden blop and slow hiss. Soon my Kinetic started shaking and I understood that I had a flat tire. Was confused all on a sudden. First of all, I take a bad route - untarred roads, places uninhabited, and smelly drains. But luckily I had the flat tire in front of a two-roomed small building. The first room was a laundry, where I found a young man ironing clothes. I asked him if there was any tire repairing shops nearby and to my surprise there was one at a distance of two-minute walk.

I reached the place and came back with a lad who replaced the flat one with the stepney (spare wheel). He demanded 40 Rs and had 500 Rs with me. I went to laundry man again for the change, which he didn't have. Instead he directed me to the next shop - a small bakery. The first sight, it was not welcoming. A very small shop with no electricity and stuffed with biscuits and packed items, a man sitting on the step and enjoying a smoke, and a place indeed shabby. The shopkeeper was an old, fat man, unshaved and uncombed hair. He was stout and dark and was selling things and speaking in Kannada. To me he didn't seem like a man who knew either Hindi or English. And I, on the other hand, didn't know Kannada :-(

I said, "500... Change". Suddenly he turned to a boy standing next to him and said, "Mone, ee kuttikku anjooru roopakku change kodukku" (Son, give her change for 500 Rs) in Malayalam. I froze. How could I underestimate a Malayalee. They are everywhere you go. Be it the densest populated place or a remote one. I had still not come out of my state of shock, when the boy handed over the notes to me. I took them in the hand, thanked them, smiled, and left.

I don't know whether I was too happy or sad for that man. Mixed feelings indeed! I was happy that I found a Malayalee where I didn't expect to find one and was sad by his shabby appearance. But I must admit one fact - he is earning a living and not begging around in the alien state!

Another Fool's Day!

Here is another Fool's Day and I am missing all those pranks we used to play as kids. Now Fool's Day for me has reduced to another day when your inbox is full of mails.

My first memory of April Fool goes back to the year when I was in my I standard. As usual I reached my classroom and was alerted by my friend (don't remember her name) that there was a dry twig on my hair. I instantly tried to brush it away but there was nothing. She laughed and said "Hey, April Fool". That was my first Fool's Day. Since then each year we used to play silly pranks on friends and family. It used to be the usual simple lies.

Over the years, it turned to more serious pranks. But at one point of time, I used to disregard this day as I do on a Friendship Day, Mother's Day, or others of the sort. I was of the opinion why a special day for things like this. From then on my Fool's Day memories are colourless.

Now I feel we must celebrate it. After all what harm is there in fooling people on one day out of the 365 days (but Ididnt fool anyone today). Well, afterall its just to remember after so many years spent on living a life. Happy Fool's Day!!! :)

Almost an year!

Its almost an year since I reached Banglore, left SunTec, and reached Sasken. :)

One month left for an year of starting blogging too... I checked the date today and found my progress in blogging is very irregular. Too lazy nowadays. :) I see that ppl on my list keep blogging almost daily but I am finding it hard now :(

An year of being lazy and idle. But now I plan to be a bit more organized. No idea how well its gonna work out. Long time since I watched any movies or read a book. Its almost a week since I am having a copy of "Five Point Someone" but have managed to read only a couple of pages. Plan to complete that soon as I have to return it :D And also need to buy a few selected ones. All these years I bought no books. Just borrowed books from the library or friends. But now I feel, I must have my own personal collection!

Well time for dinner!

Idle and bored

I literally have nothing to do for the next few hours. I have given a document for link validation (2847 links) and last day 2000 links took 3hours. Don't know how much its going to take today. And today I really have to post it! :-(

Caught up idle with nothing to do. I am extremely hungry but the cafeteria guys havent finished arranging the food. So just thought of blogging in btwn but really have no topics. Again a weekend is here. But this one wont be boring as the old ones. Reason - my parents and mittu are back :-) Need to catch up on lots of sleep. I am literally sleepless nowadays. I am forced to share my room with my aunt who wakes up in the oddest hours of early dawn to complete her pending office works and start her day! So my day starts with all those bangs and bongs here and there. Its really annoying but can't help. Then this weekend, a few friends would be coming home for lunch hopefully (torturing my poor mom).

I have bought a few books also. Need to start reading those and also re-start a few things I left mid-way years back!

I Skipped!

During school days, we all had play hours! And sure we all did enjoy those hours a lot. I used to engage myself in less sweaty games like carroms, chess, being the silent spectator, and occassionally I did sweat out playing badminton. But I had a lot of friends who opted skipping. I used to envy them just because I knew not the art of skipping. Very effortlessly they used to skip around the playground, sometimes two together. How I hoped even I could skip like them. But I never shed a drop of sweat to learn that. I was too lazy!

A month back when I went shopping I noticed a skipping rope and instantly bought one. For the first few days I made many futile attempts to skip well. But without much success. There was something wrong, I couldnt jump with the correct timing. Either I would be well ahead or too late. And sometimes I would hop through it. How funny! I know!

The skipping rope went unnoticed for a few weeks. After that I saw a music video in which a girl performed too many tricks (amazing ones) with the skipping rope. I made up my mind, though not any of those tricks, atleast the basic skipping. I practiced everyday. But simply I couldnt get through it. I was desparate. There were times when I really toppled over and found my legs entangled in that knotty mess!

But one day absent mindedly, it happened. Perfect! But I knew not how. Then I tried again a lot many times and finally found out how. All those days I used to lift from the ground at the wrong timing. I know people might find it stupid that I didnt realize it but that is what happened. So, now I can skip (not very well). Now atleast I am happy, I know how to skip!!! :-)

Another One!

Yes another weekend has come. I am not sure whether I am actually looking forward to it or not. On weekdays I wish for the weekend to arrive quickly. And I plan a lot. But infact nothing happens. And when I turn back - a weekend gone sheer waste! Even today I have lots of plans for this weekend. Let's see what all really work out.

And one more thing. Usually when its Friday, everybody is in a holiday mood and so am I always. But today, dont know what went wrong! I was over enthusiastic. I wanted to finish all those work pending through the whole. And I finally somehow did achieve that ;-) And now what... Just waiting to see how my weekend turns out.

Happy Weekend All!!! :-)

Painful and Soothing

A sweet thought,
A painful scar,
An unforgivable wrong,
Momentary happiness,
Shattered dreams,
Broken hearts,
Lonely lives,
A long journey,
A fading sweet memory!


Most of us do love puppies. Even I do! But I never had a chance to have a puppy for a pet.

I go out for a walk in our layout quite frequently. On all my rounds, I used to see a black dog. It would be simply roaming around or sleeping in the middle of the road least bothered about who crossed. But it was a while since I went for the walks. Last day I went out again and was quite surprised to see it along with seven puppies. All brown and black ones. It was actually cute. Seven of them running around and playing, jumping over each other, and chewing on whatever came in the way. Sometimes one of them would try to climb over to the footpath and fall down.

Initially they used to shy and run away when somebody passed by. But now they have become so used to the people passing by that they follow them till round the corner and run back again. Its really pretty!!

A post so Dull...

I just dont know what to type. Finished my kitchen work early and got a few moments to spend with the computer. But now I am confused what to make a post. Absolutely nothing in my mind! A whole Sunday done. Started the day with my ICFAI exam. It was comparitively easier than the last time. Hope I clear it this time. After reaching back, a light brunch, two hours of nap, and some idle time in front of the TV. Then some cooking and half an hour of an evening walk. Back again to the kitchen. Prepared dinner and had it. And till now watched Tom and Jerry.

A busy week starting again tomorrow. Lots of work pending, preparation for next Sunday's exam, loads of clothes to wash, and so on :-(

Hope to do some reasonable posts in the coming week!


Happy New Year!!!

Hope it turns out to be a happy one indeed ;-) Lots of new resolutions, hopes, and aspirations. Let's see how everything goes on!

My vacation was superb - lots of travel, meeting relatives and cousins, being cosily at home wid my parents, and mittu... it was wonderful.. :-)