Just Like That

Last week we had our family visiting. My bro-in law n sis visited us. They were with us for around 5 days and I tell you it was great fun. There was lot of noise and activities going on in the house. Even my cousin sis also kept coming on and off. But now that they all have left we are left to being the two loners again!

Now I devote a lot of time to my crafts (pspss, that's why my kitchen and room are always a mess and never tidy). My place for crafts is right in front of the television and no wonder the room looks like an attic always. We sit until midnight, watching movies, and me multi-tasking. Cooking is always done in a hurry so that I can return to my sewing and crocheting soon. Somedays I am in so much mood that I keep apart all my craft and turn to cooking, cleaning, and washing. Now that reminds me that my laundry basket is full! :-(

Work at office was a bit hectic till last week. But now it has come back to normal and I feel a lot more relaxed. So altogether, I am enjoying life now and looking forward to our next trip to Kerala. Missing all of them so much. Especially my Mittu! :-)

Too fast...

Wondering how quickly time flies off! Its already a month since we got married. We were speaking of it yesterday and checking out the photos again. It was indeed a great day. Though I was completely lost at times on the day, it seemed wonderful.

Lot of my friends and relatives turned up on the day before and the marriage day. I was really overwhelmed when I saw most of them. Some who said that they may not make it, turned up unexpectedly and it was really pleasing. My sincerest thanks and love to all those who turned up for our wedding as well as remembered me on the day! It was great!!!

And yes I m still uploading the pics of my marriage to my Picasa account. I know its too late but I am too lazy now! :-)