Well... It's been a very long break I took from my blogs. But yes, I have a strong reason now. I am a Mom now :-) My angel is now 3.5 months old and a darling. She was not in her very good moods for the first 2 months, which gave me a complete nervous breakdown. Sleepless nights, incessant cries, tiredness... I thought these were to last forever. But no, now she is a real angel, though troublesome at time ;-)

Now she has started to gaze at things, recognizes us, smiles a lot, plays by her self, and the most recent update - started turning over! She is the sweetest thing that happened to me. Yes, I do have a lot of work now. And now that I have joined back to work, I find no free time at all. One good thing is that I am working from home, so I save at the least the travel time. 

I enjoy all the new things in my life - innocent smiles, sleepy eyes, cute bottom, tiny hands and feet, washing the tiny clothes, breathing in her smell, cuddling with her, and sometimes even the way she cries! And this leaves me with no time to craft, cook, or do gardening :-) 

And as I write, I see her lifting her hands and feet in the air, signalling me - Mom, I am going to wake up soon. Get ready! So you may see very little of me here or if she allows, regularly!