Shifting from our lovely nest!

As I mentioned here, we are shifting from the house where we are staying now. Now we stay in one of the best locations of Koramangala with easy access to the Ring Road, Malls, and everything. But we have decided to shift. The reason - I am planning a change in my career or rather the firm. The new firm is a bit far from our current place. So we have decided upon a spot equidistant for both of us. And finally we are SHIFTING!

It was not too long back when we started staying at this house. It was right after our marriage. So we have stayed here for only 6 months. And that was a too short period of stay. This was a house both me and hubby chose together and moved in. It was the place we started our married lives to be specific. So we do have a special kind of attachement to it. Though there were a lot of not so good factors of the house like old fixtures, shabby exterior paints, and some windows which do not close properly, we love the house extremely. The foremost reason being that it is our FIRST place of stay together in Bangalore. Then, we spent a lot of time together in the company of each other, being with family and friends. Mittu loved the balconies of the house and I loved how the rooms were always lit up by natural lighting. My first experiments in gardening begin here; I believe I started crocheting well here (thanks to hubby's support); and a lot more things began here. I hand sewed curtains for some windows, upholstered our dining chair set, cooked, cleaned, washed (these three things go with me everywhere :-)), and did a lot to make this house our small home.

It was going on fine when one day suddenly we realized we had to shift. It was not heart-breaking or that sad a thing then. But now as days near by, we do have a little bit of sorrow somewhere down the deep corner. And yes, I know, this is part of life.

So, this weekend, we bid farewell to our first house in Bangalore and take off into a brighter future. The house will be really missed for sure :-)

Another weekend well spent

This weekend was again a full-filled one. We actually had no time to rest properly after the busy days. Saturday morning started a bit dull as it was cloudy. In no time, it turned out to be a bustling day with the routine cloth washing. That was followed by a hustle and bustle in the kitchen, getting ready and leaving the house. By noon, we visited a family friend and spent some time there. Evening on the way home, we picked hubby's cousin and wife and spent a lovely evening hanging out. When the guys spent the rest of the late evening experiment with their cocktail mixer (shaker), we ladies were busy in the kitchen. And we had our dinner at midnight :-)

Lots of plans were lined up for Sunday, but everything went wrong as we all woke up late. But we had the whole day to spend and rescheduled the activities. It was again a cloudy and windy day. We headed our way to Lalbagh Gardens. Though I had been to Lalbagh earlier, it was sunny then. But this time, we enjoyed it very very much. We walked for hours, but still weren't tired. In between we stopped to enjoy the breeze by the lakeside, sit on the sidebenches, munch on spiced mangoes and pineapples, catch glimpses of lovers huddling in the plant and tree pockets, and take lots of pictures of all of us. Then we had lunch, reached home and spread out on our beds and watched television till late in the evening. By night, our boys became active and took control over the kitchen. Result:- we ate some really tasty food!

But now our lovely weekend is over. We kept wondering how quickly two days passed.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Do you love your weekends?

Weekends are my favourite days of the week now. Earlier I never liked weekends. Weekends meant - cleaning, washing, cooking, and lots of idle time loafing around. But now its no more like that. Now weekend means - Cleaning, washing, cooking, lots of crochet, watching movies, evening hangouts, and ice creams! I just love my weekends.

This weekend was a rather long one. Monday was a work-from-day and as I had no pending work, it was more of a crochet-sleep day. We watched 4 or 5 movies over the weekend. You can read the latest updates here. Our days started at around 9 to 10 am and ended at around 2 to 3 am. We did go out twice or thrice, for shopping, simply, lunch, and to cafes. On Sunday one of my schoolmate visited us and my thoughts lingered on my school days for a long time in the evening. We also took a small walk around our nearby park on Sunday night. It was lovely! Cool breeze and almost none was to be seen anywhere. I loved the walk a lot and especially because I could use my scarf.

And after this long, lovely weekend, who would like to come to office? I had to. So looking forward to my next lovely weekend again!