Another weekend well spent

This weekend was again a full-filled one. We actually had no time to rest properly after the busy days. Saturday morning started a bit dull as it was cloudy. In no time, it turned out to be a bustling day with the routine cloth washing. That was followed by a hustle and bustle in the kitchen, getting ready and leaving the house. By noon, we visited a family friend and spent some time there. Evening on the way home, we picked hubby's cousin and wife and spent a lovely evening hanging out. When the guys spent the rest of the late evening experiment with their cocktail mixer (shaker), we ladies were busy in the kitchen. And we had our dinner at midnight :-)

Lots of plans were lined up for Sunday, but everything went wrong as we all woke up late. But we had the whole day to spend and rescheduled the activities. It was again a cloudy and windy day. We headed our way to Lalbagh Gardens. Though I had been to Lalbagh earlier, it was sunny then. But this time, we enjoyed it very very much. We walked for hours, but still weren't tired. In between we stopped to enjoy the breeze by the lakeside, sit on the sidebenches, munch on spiced mangoes and pineapples, catch glimpses of lovers huddling in the plant and tree pockets, and take lots of pictures of all of us. Then we had lunch, reached home and spread out on our beds and watched television till late in the evening. By night, our boys became active and took control over the kitchen. Result:- we ate some really tasty food!

But now our lovely weekend is over. We kept wondering how quickly two days passed.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

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