Do you love your weekends?

Weekends are my favourite days of the week now. Earlier I never liked weekends. Weekends meant - cleaning, washing, cooking, and lots of idle time loafing around. But now its no more like that. Now weekend means - Cleaning, washing, cooking, lots of crochet, watching movies, evening hangouts, and ice creams! I just love my weekends.

This weekend was a rather long one. Monday was a work-from-day and as I had no pending work, it was more of a crochet-sleep day. We watched 4 or 5 movies over the weekend. You can read the latest updates here. Our days started at around 9 to 10 am and ended at around 2 to 3 am. We did go out twice or thrice, for shopping, simply, lunch, and to cafes. On Sunday one of my schoolmate visited us and my thoughts lingered on my school days for a long time in the evening. We also took a small walk around our nearby park on Sunday night. It was lovely! Cool breeze and almost none was to be seen anywhere. I loved the walk a lot and especially because I could use my scarf.

And after this long, lovely weekend, who would like to come to office? I had to. So looking forward to my next lovely weekend again!

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