Hmmm... These roses look really nice right. I saw them on the way being kept for sale and couldn't resist buying them. There was actually a big tub full of these half bloomed beautiful. They were fresh and tempting me badly. Though I was really late for office, they made me get down and buy a few from the lot. The price was pretty cheap. The flower seller guy cleaned up the thorns and extra leaves, tied them in a bundle, and gave them to me. Oh how I loved it!
Now what I actually did with it after that... Keep guessing ;-)

Blue to Black

If you remember, I had a blue helmet. I had mentioned it in one of previous posts. I didn't actually love it but yeah I had been using it for the last 19 months. I know its a good deal of time. But I didn't have any special attachment with it. It was bought during the initial days when I reached Bangalore. Me and my brother were going somewhere but he had forgotten his helmet. And he had to buy this blue helmet out of an emergency. And when my Kinetic reached Bangalore, the blue helmet became mine.

I never used to lock my helmet. Just used to leave it on the side mirror. When people warned me I used to be overconfident and asked back "Who will take it?" But yes, somebody took it :-(

Last Thursday when I reached the basement to go home, I noticed that my helmet was missing. I was going bonkers! How could I go home. I am sure to be caught by the traffic police. I complained, searched here and there, no use! It was gone. I was actually having no idea what to do. Finally I tied my scarf on and took the backgate way. That way is actually horrible now due to the construction and tarring work going on. It is way too dusty and without helmet in the evenings fireflies come and hit you. I had to take that way. And somehow I managed to reach home.

My brother was waiting at the door to scold me :-( But then he went and brought me a new helmet. A better one actually. It is really a good one and I have started loving it. Its a black, light weight helmet. Now I know for sure, I ll never leave my helmet unlocked. :-)

An Awaited Day

My birthday was perhaps the most awaited day every year when I was a child. When the calendar is bought, the first thing I used to do is mark my b'day right on October 17 and then mark all the other birthdays I knew. The day was such an awaited one always. Right when the month of October starts I get excited and butterflies flutter in my stomach. As a child, there were many reasons to get so excited about my own birthday.

On the day right before the birthday, we used to go out shopping. This was for the sweets and a beautiful dress for me. I remember those cute, colourful frocks. Oh, how I loved them! :-) When we reach home, it would be late. Then my parents would sit and pack the different varieties of sweets in packets of different sizes - for her class, for his class, for the office staff, and the list used to go on. I would go to bed very reluctantly. Most often the night before the birthday, I never used to sleep well. Early in the morning itself I would get up. All would wish me. My day just brightens up with that.

Then the way to the school wearing the pretty, new dress. All along I hop and sing and go. The day at school is usually spend merrily. Distributing sweets here and there. Roaming around in the colour dress. And too many people wishing me. It was so good! Evenings were the most awaited. My dad would take me out to buy the cake. Since it is my birthday, I get the complete freedom to choose the cake. Those creamy coloured yummy things! We get back home, cut the cake, take photos, and distribute the cake and sweets among the friends and family there. Birthday gifts from my parents and brother was something I loved the most. Especially the lovely birthday cards. I still have them stuffed up at home in my cupboard.

Things changed a bit when I came down to Kerala for my studies. My parents were not with me. But still birthdays were the awaited days. Buying the new dress ritual stopped. But sweets and chocolates were always in plenty. Thanks to my aunts! They used to buy these in bulk and used to reach the hostel early in the morning with these. My parents used to call me and wish me. Though the cakes also were not cut any longer, I still loved the day.

But as years passed, I don't await the day as much as I used to. Now I understand, why were I the only person to remember the birthdays of my parents. I used to wonder how could they forget their own birthdays. May be with time even I will start forgeting mine. :-)

Well, my this year's birthday was a good one. It fell on the same day as Diwali. Crackers and bursts everywhere. I just imagined that people were celebrating my birthday ;-) The wishes started at midnight itself. It started with my fiancee, my cousin sister, cousin brother, and a few friends. By noon, most of the ones who remembered had wished me. It feels so nice when people wish you. And I got a few gifts as well... some really pretty gifts :-)

So finally my this year's birthday is over and I am an year older now!