Blue to Black

If you remember, I had a blue helmet. I had mentioned it in one of previous posts. I didn't actually love it but yeah I had been using it for the last 19 months. I know its a good deal of time. But I didn't have any special attachment with it. It was bought during the initial days when I reached Bangalore. Me and my brother were going somewhere but he had forgotten his helmet. And he had to buy this blue helmet out of an emergency. And when my Kinetic reached Bangalore, the blue helmet became mine.

I never used to lock my helmet. Just used to leave it on the side mirror. When people warned me I used to be overconfident and asked back "Who will take it?" But yes, somebody took it :-(

Last Thursday when I reached the basement to go home, I noticed that my helmet was missing. I was going bonkers! How could I go home. I am sure to be caught by the traffic police. I complained, searched here and there, no use! It was gone. I was actually having no idea what to do. Finally I tied my scarf on and took the backgate way. That way is actually horrible now due to the construction and tarring work going on. It is way too dusty and without helmet in the evenings fireflies come and hit you. I had to take that way. And somehow I managed to reach home.

My brother was waiting at the door to scold me :-( But then he went and brought me a new helmet. A better one actually. It is really a good one and I have started loving it. Its a black, light weight helmet. Now I know for sure, I ll never leave my helmet unlocked. :-)

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