I am still very much alive. It is the other things going around which prevented me from updating my bloggy little world.

I had two good weekends at a stretch, not too hectic (or rather smooth) working days in between, lots of happy hooking hours with my Big Pink Blanket and Big Granny Square, some private time with my green lovelies, some good cooking, and lots and lots of good times. Well, I am not a sporty person, so football is a no-no for me. I may or may not watch. If I do watch, I cannot watch it for more than 10 minutes at a stretch. But hubby is a big fan. And that's how I get all those long hours to crochet now. He keeps watching the matches till late night. Before the match starts, he spreads out the mattress on the floor of our living room. This way I can lay on the bed and see the television and fall asleep. Oh yes, it also gives me the opportunity to fall asleep crocheting. It is such a pleasure :-)

It's 12 am-ish over here. So I am off to my bed to start work on my lovely Big Pink Blanket. And when hands get tired, I read Collected Stories by Anita Desai.

See you all and have a lovely sleepy night.

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