Two Squirrels

No, this is no pet story. I do love squirrels but never had one as a pet. My dad says that he had one when he was in his teens. I love its tail and ears. Would love to hold a little squirrel in my hands and keep snuggling with it.

Yesterday I was working from home and hubby had left for office. While I was at the system, I could hear little rattles from the direction of the kitchen. I guessed it would be from the kitchen of the family downstairs. Few more minutes passed and I realized that the sounds were actually from my kitchen itself. Frankly speaking I got a bit scared. The night before that we had watched a horror movie and that came to my mind. I slowly neared the kitchen and to my horror up leapt something out from the shelf. It was a baby squirrel :-) It was panicked and kept jumping and leaping around. I moved back a bit decided not to frighten it. After a minute or two everything was normal. I assumed that it had gone out through the window. Then I spent nearly two hours in the kitchen cooking lunch. And all this while, this little intruder was silently sitting somewhere in the racks behind the vessels. I didn't know this. After all my cooking was over I came out of the kitchen and was back at the system. This time again I started hearing sounds and even before I could turn around I saw the little frightened one run past me out through the door. I could do nothing else than smile.

Today on my way back from office it was raining heavily. I was walking towards the gate when I saw a little squirrel lying dead and drenched in the rain. This time also I could do nothing than feel sorry for it.

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