How Time Flies

It was hubby's b'day last to last Sunday (May 23). No, we didn't cut any cakes. He didn't want to. But we all had a nice time. Enjoyed the day off and was very happy to be together.

We had another occasion also last week - my parent's wedding anniversary. It's 30 years since they have been together! Wow, I just wonder how time flies off. We decided that it was something to be celebrated. We ordered a cake. Thats all. And you know what, they remember their anniversary when I wish them! I keep track of some of these dates every year.

Let me tell you something more about my parents. They were married in 1980 and yes it was a completely arranged marriage. My dad is dark and my mom fair. At the time of the marriage, dad was a tall, dark guy with very curly hair and mom a thin, fair, small girl. I always ask my mom this question as to how she liked him when she saw him first. And her reply always is a smile or a big laugh.

This anniversary I initiated the question and she told us the story of how they got married. It was interesting to watch her and her expressions when she told the story. I have never seen them fight or argue over things. They completely understand each other's thoughts and feelings well. Over the years the trust and love have grown. And I would say that they are the best couple ever!

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