Good Times

We really had some good time over the last week. We had family visiting us. My parents were already here. And my in-laws also came over. Though hectic we all enjoyed thoroughly. Every evening after office hours was spent in going somewhere or the other. And holidays especially were the best. In the evenings all would arrive at home tired and lie down or sit together in the living room and chat continuously for hours.

For us, it was a special time to know the families better. My mom-in-law was all alive with the stories from my hubby's childhood. He was a real sweetheart and naughty kid. Mittu was the poor one who didn't enjoy much. We didn't take him out with us. So whenever we reached back he was all angry :-)

When it rained this weekend, my hubby and me, we had some rain drenching activity also on the two wheeler. It was an unexpected treat! Loved it!

Now that my in-laws have left, we are back to the old quiet lives. And next week when my parents leave, we'll be back to the quieter lives we share.

Hope you all are having a great time!

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