Wide Awake!

It's 2 30 am and I am still awake. Why? Because I woke up very late last morning and slept for a good two hours at noon as well. After all how much more lazily and happily can I spend a Sunday. My family didn't complain or raise eyebrows at this. Afterall I don't do it often. I really enjoyed the afternoon nap. But now I am suffering. I lied awake in bed for almost two hours and then finally decided to sit up and do something meaningful. So I first asked my husband's permission, who was also having a disturbed sleep due to having given me company at noon ;-) He agreed! I have started sewing a pair of gloves for myself. So I thought that I can better utilize time for that. Then somehow I decided - a bit of blogging and work. Hubby was kind enough to bring the laptop from the living room to the bedroom. He is somehow managing to sleep.

I really did some of the pending office work. And now I am happily blogging! Don't you feel I am luckyto have the best husband and lots of things lined up to do when I am not able to sleep? Yes, I am. Had I not had these, I would have been still tossing in bed cursing the heat, mosquitoes, and myself. Now I am scared of only one thing - Will I be late to wake up tomorrow morning? Hope not.

Hope you all had a good night's sleep! :-)

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