Days are short!

No this is not any geography class but in fact days seem shorter to me than nights now. There is very little time I get to spend on small activities of my own. Mornings are a hurry. I often reach office late and I know there are many eyebrows raising on this. But I am somehow not able to help it. Something or the other delays me each day. It can be the household work, rains, traffic, and sometimes even my laziness. I know I must learn to be more punctual. Everyday I say this to myself. Perhaps from tomorrow I might be a bit more early to office :-)

Evenings are even more tiring and fast. Reach, relax a bit, cook (sometimes I just don't ;-)), wash, clean, and its already too late. My eyelids become heavy and body numb. But somehow I manage to sit for another 20 or 30 minutes and do my crochet work. Sometimes I feel sad that I am not able to spend more time on this newly developed hobby. And the moment I fall on the bed I am fast asleep :-D

Weekends are even more quick. I just don't realize how can two days go together that fast! Again today will end soon and my hectic week schedule will start.

Happy Sunday guys!

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