My new friend!

I did mention that I took a new two wheeler in an earlier post. But I didn't tell u anything about the new vehicle rt? Okay, let me tell you. A black Suzuki Access 125!

The vehicle, I rather prefer to call it as the Black Lady. Don't know why but I prefer to. So this new black lady is a lot different than my old friend. She is not slim and sleek light my Kinetic. Rather she is a bit bulky and plump (may be to match my physique ;-)). Though bulky, the weight is not much. This was one thing I was concerned about before buying. If the weight is more than that of my Kinetic, I would take some time to get adjusted to balancing it. But to my surprise, she was more of being "light weight".

It is not even a week since I got her. So we are still new to each other. But we had a small adventure ride a few days back. It rained heavily that day and in the evening when we returned, a stretch of the road was completely under water. And when I say under water, the lady's tires were fully immersed in the water and the mat was wet! I had to do it as I was already late and there was no other way to get home. With lots of apprehensions and fear, we crossed. There were lots of risks involved - the tar was missing at some places, there were pebbles and stones on the way, and worst of all there were pot holes in the road. These were risks because I could not see what was where other than the water. Added to it when the big vehicles came from the opposite side, it was like waves coming off to our side. For a moment I felt I was on a boat ;-) But yes, we managed to the other bank of the road rather safely and without any problems. Thank God! Phew! My nerves were about to burst owing to my tension.

I was telling you about my new black lady rt... Initially we did have some problems or rather mutual understanding was less. If I had to be a bit harsh on my old Kinetic, this lady just senses it on my touch. So I took two days to get adjusted to this spontaneity of her. And once that was over, we became a bit more friendly. In many aspects she is similar to my old Kinetic. She waits patiently for me, understands me, and we have started loving each other ;-)

So that was it about my new lady. Two days more and she will be a week old. Are we planning to celebrate? No, we have to go to office :-)


Rockus said...

Heard a lot of good things about that scooter. How is it holding you up, eh? :D

Resmi... said...
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Resmi... said...

@ Rockus: Yeah, it is a really good one and its holding me up more well and I feel more comfortable ;-)


good one resmi.......its really interesting

Resmi... said...

@ Mohit: Thanks Mohit :-)