A 7-yr old companion

My companion since 2002. Always been with me in my good times and falls. Wherever I went I had this accompaniment. However long I took being at places, there were no grudges or complaints for making the wait too long. A sharing and caring shoulder to bear all my weights and always been a wonderful friend. Never betrayed me whenever I had a fall in life. Stayed with me very compassionately while I stood up and was flying with the winds again. This age old companion is none other than my 7-yr old 2 wheeler. More correctly, my Kinetic Zoom.

My Kinetic Zoom was brought during the summer vacation of 2002. I was instantly attracted to this grey vehicle at the showroom and soon it was mine! Thanks to my dad for that! It was after I brought this vehicle that I learned to drive a 2 wheeler. I had some very bad falls, no fractures or broken bones though. But yes, once my Kinetic's rear lights and indicators were smashed.

It was bought from Rajasthan. After a year, transported to Kerala when I went down for my higher studies. Then after a while to Bangalore and now within a few days it will be back to our home in Kerala. Though I am reluctant to part with it, I am forced to. I still can't forget how it used to take me through those humps and gutters, mud and broken path, rickety and rackety, bearing all my weight and of whatever I used to put on it.

Last day I got my new 2 wheeler (it was out of sheer compulsion I had to buy the new one). I know that my old friend must have felt bad. Even I felt bad also when I had to leave it at home and take the new one to office. All these years if I went anywhere alone, my companion was my Kinetic. So today I was not feeling very comfortable with the new companion. All the way I was thinking how good my oldie is!


Reshu said...

Hey Resmi
I still remember ur Kinetic Zoom bcoz we used to go to school together.I still had tht scooty wid me.I felt good and bit nostalgic too, after reading abt ur Kinetic. any ways congrats for the new two wheeler...............

Resmi... said...

@ Reshu: Hey Reshu, Nice to see u here! :-) Now I am getting a bit nostalgic remembering about school days. Sometimes time jus flies off!