Where have I been?

Well, I have been around here only. But was a bit lazy and busy as well. You must be wondering what was there to keep me busy. No, its not the household work this time. This time it was my new addiction - Watching Movies! Seriously I have become a movie addict and a fan of Denzel Washington! :-)

So saying more about the movies I watched, I ll just give you a small list of the names I remember now - The Inside Man, Bone Collector, Taking of Pelham 123, Cast Away, Untraceable, Rescue Dawn, Behind Enemy Lines, Sahara, The Kingdom, Green Mile, and the list goes on. :-) I have got so addicted to movies that I watch sometimes even 2 to 3 at a stretch and get restless when I don't any for a day or two. Heights of addiction I guess!!!

And my crochet also is progressing. It keeps me occupied before I go to bed. I sit and crochet until my fingers ache and I am damn sleepy. It gives my ultimate pleasure to watch the stitches progressing and the yarn taking its shape into what I want. Sometimes I regret for not having started crochet long before itself.

Christmas is around the corner! Just two days away. Hippie... How I used to wait for my Christmas holidays when I was in school and college! Even this time I am going home for a few days :-) And yes, when I say about Christmas, there is always the memory of Secret Santa associated with it. Right from school days, we used to play the Secret Santa. And this time too we played it last week. I was happy gifting a few small gifts wrapped in a gift paper to my friend. Even I got a small gift - a small chess set :-) Looks cute but sad part is that I don't play chess. May be I can start playing :-)

So now off to do my project work :-(

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