Back after a Long time

I know its a long time since I did some posting. There were so many things which kept me pre-occuppied - work, house-keeping, cooking, and a newly developed passion - Crocheting. I had learned the basic stitches very long back, may be more than ten years now. But never took it forward. Recently I came across a few wonderful crochet blogs, the most wonderful among them is Lucy's attic, A highly inspirational one! So nowadays I am addicted to my crochet hooks and threads. I did work out few okay patterns as well.

Last week I bought a bag full of yarn from Commercial Street. How I love the pile! Will be working more on it. :-)


Rockus said...

"Will be working more on it!" - Vo thanne thanne!

Resmi... said...

@Rockus: Don't worry! I am not like u :P