Missing Life...

My cousin Raji got married last Sunday. It was a wonderful occassion; my childhood friend, sis, and ever best companion. A few days in Kerala, along with all those friends and relatives, it was a cherishing experience. But now that all is over I feel somewhat sad. She, as I mentioned, was my ever best friend. Now she has lots of newer responsibilities and morover a new person to accompany in everything.
I am jus remembering how nice it was when we were kids, and we were together. Loads of fun and mischiefs. The night we stole our grandma's dentures, the wrestling games we played, the fights, the pretty pranks, carelessness, happiness, griefs - everything was so wonderful that the memories are still live within us. Those days will never come back. But those memories will never leave us either.
There were times when we laughed and cried together. But now, in two different places and two different situations. Perhaps we can never again become what we were but I am glad we had such good times together.
Love you Raji!!!

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Shibu said...

Good to see a post after a long long time. Good times seldom lasts. And they feel more sweeter in recollections than in present?isn't?