Happy Vishu!

Vishu is one of the festivals I look forward to the most. Firstly for the 'kani' and secondly, the 'kaineettam'.
Before I started working Vishu was the one major factor that contributed to my pocket money. We used to wait eagerly for the day to start. 'Kaineettam' from my parents were always a good amount to make me happy. Apart from them, my grandmom, uncles, and aunts also used to give us kaineettam. By the end of the day, we would have collected a fair enough amount.
But nowadays its different. In a faraway place from the family, and that too employed. So no scope for much amount. But one good aspect is that my parents have increased the amount by a few more hundreds. And well thats all now. This year I wanted to give them a good 'kaineettam', but unluckily forgot to take money yesterday. So had to adjust with the amount borrowed from my brother.
'Vishukani' is what I love the most. The night before itself my mom would prepare everything and keep. From childhood itself, every 'Vishukani' I saw had in common two things - my moms gold chain with her 'thaali' and a laminated big picture of Lord Krishna as a child, eating butter. These two things have been there always.
Some years when I was away from my parents, there was no 'Vishukani' for me. And I did miss it terribly. But today I was fortunate enough to start the day or rather the year 'blessedly' (thats what I feel viewing the lighted lamp in the darkness of the early morning).

A Happy Vishu to all of you!