Lazy Moments

Sometimes I feel so lazy that even moving a finger seems a tiring job. Last week was like that for me. But I would wake up early. Sit and crochet (the only thing I was not lazy about doing) till I realize that I would be late for office. Then waste a lot of time thinking what to cook. And finally end up cooking up something very easy, but which my brother doesn't like. I do this very confidently because I leave home before he wakes up :-) When that part is over, I get lazy about coming to office. Problem is that our office has shifted to Embassy Golf Links Business Park, a place a bit far from mine. Now I have to travel around 14 kms (one way) and is tiring compared to the 4 kms which I had to travel earlier. Riding my rusty, old two-wheeler all through those bumps and gutters make me feel tired even before starting. And when I reach, no parking space :-@ Feel irritated at times. Before shifting itself everything was counted and listed, like how many vehicles and stuff. But now I have to push in my vehicle somewhere. Thanks to the friendly security guy over there. He helps me with this process everyday. After all those troubles I reach my cubicle, log into my system, check my mails, and realize that my Project Manager at Canada has not responded to my query again. Don't know how many days is it since I sent out that query and two reminder mails also followed. How can people act like this!

Then 8 hours spent browsing and helping other project members I finish my day very lazily. And again that boring journey back. The moment I reach home I start with the crochet. Really don't know when my brother is going to break that hook! Kitchen beckons me but I act as if I am so deeply engaged in my crochet. Finally when I hear the sound of my brother's vehicle, I throw the hooks and yarn apart and run into the kitchen and prepare something very quickly. Then dinner, washing the dishes, and crochet again!

But from last Sunday I am regaining my lost energy. I have started cooking, washing, cleaning, crocheting, reading, travelling, shopping, and everything else which was there on my list earlier. Hope I don't become lazy again.

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