Petrol Prices Hiked!

Yesterday I felt a bit sad for the first time when petrol prices were hiked. Earlier this never used to affect me. While in school, I used to be in the hostel or when I was commuting daily, we had concessions. When in my XII, I used to go on my good, old (brand new then) Kinetic. I never had to worry then also. My father was the bank that time. Then college and first job, I stayed too close, so that I just had to walk a few minutes. When I joined Sasken, we were at the Bommanahalli office, which was just a matter of 4 kms from my house. So, 100 Rs of petrol was lavish enough for my 5 working days and roaming over the weekends. But now things are no longer the same!
Now my office is 14 kms far, that means, 28 kms daily. 200 Rs of petrol is sufficient for just a week! And now they have hiked the price also :-( So bad right? Well, I know nothing about economy, inflation, GDP, GNP, whatever. May be its good for the country. But bad for me now!

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