Over the Week

Another weekend already! Just wondering how this week just flew off. And taking a list of all what I did:

A lil bit of crocheting. Started my new craft blog as well. Interested people can see it here -
Crafty Days. I am very pleased with my work (not blowing my own trumpet ;-) )

A bit of cooking. I baked a cake (not my own recipe) with the Pilsbury cake ready mix. It came out well. This time I had bought the Vanilla cake mix. But I prefer the Rich Chocolate cake mix. Its actually tempting. Plan to buy one more :-D

Washing is something which never ends. This week I had two sets to wash. My brother's and mine. Hmm... Done wid that also. Cleaning didn't interest me much. So it is left for this weekend.

So happy weekend!


Louise said...

Just found your "Crafty Days" blog by way of Attic 24. I wanted to comment and let you know that I adore the crochet flowers and love the bag you made, but the blog won't allow me to comment for some reason. Anyway, the flowers are fabulous and did you make the pattern for your bag yourself? It's really great!
Nice blog ... I'll be stopping by now for a read.

Resmi... said...

Hi Louise,

Nice to have you here.

I have fixed the comment problem now :-) Thanks for letting me know.
The bag pattern is my own. I initially started off to make Granny Squares out of it. But ended up with my bag. Now it holds my yarn and stuff.

Will be visiting your blog also :-)