Saturday Morning!!!

Back to Bangalore after a good long vacation is my worst nightmare. The silence and lonliness just knocks me down. Then comes those dirty clothes, messy kitchen, dusty frames and items, and all irritating items. It takes me another long week to settle into this boring life again.

But this time when I came back, I had some relief. My cousin sis is wid us now. So she has taken care of a lot of things. Phew! :-) But still this Saturday morning I have loads of work to do and am still stiting lazily here sipping a coffee my brother made ;-)

Planning to wash the clothes, do a bit of crocheting, and then start studying for my approaching exams. I want a pass mark atleast this third time! And about my crochet - its progressing steadily. I made a couple of things like small table mats, mobile pouch, and a glove for my left hand. Currently I have two big projects. One big table mat - red and black mix Granny Squares, and a shawl - baby pink with maroon stripe in between.

So starting my day now! :-) Good day to you all :-)