I Skipped!

During school days, we all had play hours! And sure we all did enjoy those hours a lot. I used to engage myself in less sweaty games like carroms, chess, being the silent spectator, and occassionally I did sweat out playing badminton. But I had a lot of friends who opted skipping. I used to envy them just because I knew not the art of skipping. Very effortlessly they used to skip around the playground, sometimes two together. How I hoped even I could skip like them. But I never shed a drop of sweat to learn that. I was too lazy!

A month back when I went shopping I noticed a skipping rope and instantly bought one. For the first few days I made many futile attempts to skip well. But without much success. There was something wrong, I couldnt jump with the correct timing. Either I would be well ahead or too late. And sometimes I would hop through it. How funny! I know!

The skipping rope went unnoticed for a few weeks. After that I saw a music video in which a girl performed too many tricks (amazing ones) with the skipping rope. I made up my mind, though not any of those tricks, atleast the basic skipping. I practiced everyday. But simply I couldnt get through it. I was desparate. There were times when I really toppled over and found my legs entangled in that knotty mess!

But one day absent mindedly, it happened. Perfect! But I knew not how. Then I tried again a lot many times and finally found out how. All those days I used to lift from the ground at the wrong timing. I know people might find it stupid that I didnt realize it but that is what happened. So, now I can skip (not very well). Now atleast I am happy, I know how to skip!!! :-)


Rockus said...

No wonder the Richter scale is going all bong these days! :P

Resmi... said...

@ Rockus: I know... We both are equally responsible.. You have started jogging rt! :P

Sreejith Kumar said...

Lie lie... chess? you? :P:P:P:P