Perhaps the worst new year of my life till date - sitting alone in a hot and humid room - no phone - trying to connect with loved ones using a slow internet connection! How boring can a New Year eve be?

Happy 2013 to all of you!


Miss Holly said...

I am so sorry. It sounds like you are blue...again I wish I could beam in and spend some time with you!!!
We have a new baby in our world and it is just absolutely wonderful !!!!!!!!
New life new things to dream about ....I looked up on a map to see where you are and boy are we ever far away from each other in distance....but we do have this!!!!!
How wonderful it is!!!! It is cold here and some snow...tonight we are having a very quiet night ....just Mr. And the cats....
I am here for you my friend .....I am wishing you well from across the world....you will be on the other side of this and all will be well!!!!!!!!!!! A million hugs from me to you..xxxxxxxxxx

Resmi... said...

Hi Holly, Thanks a million for your kind and loving thoughts. Your words really lit up my mind. Thanks again :-) Yes, we are way far apart, but still your comment just made it seem as if you are very close to me.

Happy to hear that Maia is all well and making you happy. Hope you have a really wonderful and prosperous 2013!


Miss Holly said...

Dear Resmi...just checking in on you...I hope your feeling better..we are getting a bit of snow and it is very very cold...so hard to imagine hot..I think of you so much ..funny how you just sort of know certain people are special....be well and write anytime to my site or email...many happy thoughts to you..be well my friend ...xxxx

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