Nothing too interesting...

Finally reached that stage in my life which I dreaded the most. But now realizing that it is not that bad or terrible. For sure, once I pass this stage I will be missing these days badly. Yes, I have discomfort, I have swellings, cramps, uneasiness, tiredness, and what not. But yet, I will surely miss those sometimes soft and sometimes turbulent movements in my tummy. Ha, how I love to see the movements outside!

I am almost nearing the completion of this stage. Yes, fear and worry does increase with each day. But it has to pass. There is no escape. So, taking it the way it comes.

I am now in Kerala from the past few days. Not liking the weather at all. It is hot and humid. I am not in my comfort zone. Dependent on somebody for anything and everything. My routine has changed. Yet there is something I love about this place and staying here. I will be here for a few months from now. Hope everything goes through fine.

I, no longer crochet, stitch, do gardening, or leave the house. I am always at home doing something or the other. But trust me, I am finding interesting things to do at home. Each day I wake up with an objective and very often am successful in achieving those. 

The only discomfort I have that bothers me now is that I am staying away from my husband. He will have to keep traveling over the weekends for some time from now.

Otherwise, everything, so far so good. Will keep you all posted!

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Miss Holly said...

Oh Resmi....I wish I could just beam in and keep you is not at all hot and humid here...cold and snow!!! I have lots to do as well but I don't have what you are going through.....I am going to read your latest post now!!