A continued updated on our Mittu's story. Though it has been a few weeks since the incident occurred, till date, people call up and enquire about him. How kind! Yes, I would like to write about all the kindness that people showed on my parents during the 3 days when we thought we'd lost him.

My parents spoke to over a 100 strangers within the two days when articles about Mittu came in the newspaper. Initially we thought that the news appeared only in the district edition but it seems that it appeared in other city editions as well. So the coverage was more! People from different parts of South India itself called up and enquired about Mittu. 

Now the interesting part - what did all these people enquire and speak about:

- Some wanted to know how we could keep a pet bird for so long without it being caged. How come it did not go away earlier.
- Many were amazed about the fact that my parents loved their pet bird so much that they went ahead and gave the news in the local cable TV and district newspaper office. They were not convinced that people could love animals to such an extent.
- There were a lot of other callers who shared empathy. They talked about their pets and how some had gone missing and never to be found. 
- Many called up just out of curiosity to know more about our Mittu and his habits.
- Interestingly there were a bunch of people who offered prayers for Mittu's safe return. This was really heart touching. 
- Lot of people from the nearby places called up asking our address so that they could come and visit Mittu. My parents have been invited to many homes as well :-D
- There were follow-up calls by many to enquire if Mittu is doing fine.
- And there were some kids also who called up wanting to hear Mittu speak. 

And so goes the list. As we are currently far away from home and we had to keep calling our parents for updates. Though we did not get a direct experience of the incident, we could make out how deeply touched our parents were by the acts of kindness and genuine interest of all the people who cared to enquire.

Even I was amazed to know that in today's world when we have no time for ourselves, there are still a lot of people who are kind, find joy in the simple pleasures of life, and care about others.


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@ Anonymous: Thanks for stopping by. Would like to see your blog.