New Beginning!

A lot of new things are happening in our lives now. We have shifted into a lovely house. It has lots of space, balcony, and a terrace with lots of plants. Mmmm.. do you remember how I had to leave my plants back at the old house? I was really sad then. So here I have some potted lovelies.

Here I can sit in the kitchen and blog (I mean it is not too a congested kitchen), can crochet sitting at the balcony or terrace, and do a lot more. It is a well ventilated and brightly lit house. Has two bedrooms upstairs (does that mean that climbing up and down will help me bring down my weight. I guess not ;-)) Well, I'll update you more on the house later.

I'll be joining my new company next Monday. This Thursday (19th August) was my last working day at Sasken. And something good happened. Re-instated some old lost friendships and left. Really felt good after doing that though I didn't take the initiative ;-) So have a week's gap to start afresh. We'll be traveling today to Kerala today evening to celebrate Onam.

And even hubby has got a new job. He'll joining the new company by mid September. So everything looks like starting new and good.

Looking forward to all good things to come our way and yours too! :-)

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