A Week without a home

Its almost a week since we moved out from our old house. And we haven't moved into the new one yet. Reason: We didn't find one! One which we had finalised on, the current tenants took back their word of moving out by the last month end. Result: We end up being HOMELESS. But no, we are not wandering on the streets :-) Hubby's cousin and wife are here in Bangalore itself and they are the guys with whom we usually hang out over the weekends. So for the time being we have moved in there.

Their house is pretty far from our offices. Not too far, but the traffic is at its peak when we have to travel. Hubby has to log in exactly at 9:30 am and that means starting from home atleast an hour before that. That in turn means, waking up atleast an hour before that :-( This is the worst part. Its cool nowadays in the mornings and I don't feel like getting up. But I have to. My office timings are flexi and I used to enjoy it earlier. But nowadays I reach early and leave after almost everyone leaves. Sighhh! Yet, there is one thing I enjoy - travelling with hubby both the ways. Earlier, we used to go in two directions. But now we go the same way and its nice. :-)

We are searching for houses in the meantime and are eagerly waiting to move into a new good one.

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