Monday News

Its almost 7 pm and I am still at office. Reason - Its raining! :-)

Now staying for some extra time has given me the freedom to browse through my evergrowing list of favourite blogs. And in peace. Almost all have left from the office and it is getting quieter around here.

And once the rains get over, we head home. An hour long journey! Phew! And I didn't tell you right - over the weekend we saw few houses and settled on the one for us for the next (maybe) few years. It is a lovelyyy house. We fell in love with it instantly. But sad part is that we can actually start living in there only by next month. Reason - we are travelling next weekend for Onam :-) So I ll keep you posted.

Seems like the rain is over. We need to head home. Bye for now! :-) Have a lovely evening.

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