Back Again

Its been a very long while since I posted anything in Blogland. Other than blogging, things are progressing well at my end. Office and work seems interesting. My best part of my days are the evenings when I reach home. It would be just be starting to get dark. A cup of coffee + some lovely roses in the pots on the terrace + a gentle breeze = a really lovely evening. Sometimes it feels nice to enjoy these small pleasures of life all alone. When in company, one may overlook these itty-bitty happy things. But only when you are alone and have nothing else to do, do you realize that there are happy things around you always.

Any progress on my crafting side? Not much really. Though I did start up with a few crochet things, I left them off halfway through. All of it is lying by my bedside. I would really love to start doing some crafty things again. But need a lot of time, patience, and inspiration. These are the three things I lack now. Time just flies off. Though I reach home before it gets dark, in no time, it is late night.

One of the new part in my life now is that I am taking the office transportation. Perhaps this is the first time in my life that I am going at the same time everyday. Never during my school, college life, or past career have I opted for the provided transportation. Either I stayed very close or used my two-wheeler. But now, though I stay close to the office, hubby is taking the two-wheeler and I am left with the only option - office cab. So, I leave and reach home on time. Some days I miss the cab or have to run to catch it, but most of the days I am on time at the stop, or rather, the cab comes late :-)

Well, I think that is too much of update for one shot. See you soon. :-)

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