A Quick Peep

Hello all, I came in to say a quick Hi to you all. I have certainly been away from Blogland for a while, but did think of my blogs very often. I really find very less time for self these days. My days start very early as I take the company transportation. Evenings are spent with my plants and flowers. Then starts cooking, proceeds to dinner, and finally to cleaning. The days almost comes to a close, I watch television with hubby for some time, and finally go off to bed. There ends a lovely day. I often wish I could blog when I watch television. But I am often too lazy or tired to switch on the system and start typing. Apart from the fact that time is flying off, everything else is good and fine at my end.

Weekends often fly off with double the speed. We are either at home, doing household work or we go out. This weekend is another one I am waiting eagerly to arrive. Reason: We have family coming over. Yes, my in-laws are visiting this weekend and I am looking forward to the hustle and bustle in the house. I really love it when we have family at home.

Apart from these things, I am really glad that I have few plants with flowers on them. My roses have bloomed and there are yet a lot of rose buds waiting to bloom. They are in different colours and I just love them. Last week I plucked my first tomatoes. They were big, round, and red. Now four more tomatoes are coming up again. Really thrilled! Last week when we went shopping, I bought seeds of a flowering plant. Name - I forgot. The pic of the flowers on the cover took me by awe and I ended up buying the seeds. I planted the seeds and spotted the lovely sprouts yesterday. Eagerly waiting for them to start flowering.

Crafting is taking a very slow pace or rather no progress at all. I am too lazy to move my fingers after a busy day's work. But I hope to start all over again. Now I have even stopped browsing through my favourite craft blogs. Reason - I will feel guilty and uncomfortable when I see the lovely pics on their blogs. Plan to resume my crochet soon.

Apart from all these things, we had some lovely moments in our life over the past few weeks. We celebrated our first Diwali after marriage. Bursted crackers. Not many, but yes, did join the crowd. I stuck to the sparklers and flower pots while the boys bursted the risky one. I enjoyed the show. We enjoyed the rains, the breeze, walks at nights, the late night movie shows, and all small pleasures of life. Loving my life!

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