Is being a girl one of the best things in the world? Hmm... I am not sure whether it is always. But yes, there definitely is a lot of happiness and thrill in being a girl. I guess there are a lot of things boys or men miss upon in life. We, the ladies, often enjoy the soft, lovely, and creative things of life, while men don't always do that. But I do really have to admit that being a girl is not always so pleasing. There is one thing that I always wish could have been removed from the tasks of a girl. No I am not talking about all the household chores, but only cooking. This is one thing that I don't enjoy doing everyday.

Cooking for passion and experimenting out is really enjoyable. But doing it everyday is something that I am not very passionate about. The worst part is deciding on what to prepare. Once the decision is made, I try to put in all my good thoughts and efforts to make it. When it turns out well, I am indeed very happy. But when it doesn't turn the way I hoped, there are fingers pointed towards me (My brother and hubby are way too good cooks than me ;-))

Dinner time is what gives me all the troubles. Somedays I reach from office feeling sleepy or lazy. But then the thought of having to cook something for dinner starts to worry me. The situation is all the more worse when the boys don't share the same food interests. But I must admit at this point that though I make bad food and may be not according to their tastes, they still eat and complain very seldom. I am lucky for having these two good boys in my life.

I always wish, had the boys taken up the cooking part! I am glad to do the cleaning, washing, and all other household chores.

Nobody asks the boys why the house is untidy, clothes not washed, plants not watered today, bedsheets not changed, cupboard messy, or anything. For anything and everything, the girls are the ones being questioned. Is this because boys doesn't know how to do these things? NO. It is just because we know how to do it better than them ;-)

So do you enjoy being a girl? I definitely do but now am confused about what to prepare for dinner today :-(

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