Weekend Trip

Last weekend was indeed a good one! Our destination was the Nandi Hills – around 65 kms from our place. Well, to be frank, initially I was not too impressed about the idea. But yeah, travelling away, out of the city, was a way lot better than roaming around in the malls and crowds. Saturday morning when I woke up, it was cloudy, misty, and cool. It did brighten up my spirits a bit. Finally we started on the journey, a group of four. It was fun. As we drove out of the hustling city into the outskirts, the places and journey seemed beautiful. We could see open farmlands, mountains, animals roaming around, and the cloudy skies all around. The air seemed to get a lot more chilled and we started feeling cooler.

Finally we were at the foot of the Nandi Hills and the view was quite impressive. We could see the mist covered mountain top, clouds, and greenery all around. As we drove higher and higher, the view became all the more beautiful. There were monkeys all along the way and a lot of people, like us, driving to the top. As we reached the summit, it was chilled and windy. It was already 3 pm and we had our lunch. Right after lunch we headed for ice-creams and to the shock of our lives, a big monkey snatched one of our ice-creams and raced away :-)

We moved towards the rocky areas and to take a better view from the hill top. The view was wonderful. We could see large stretches of land and area, straight roads, clouds, and mist all around. We spent a lot of time taking pictures and enjoying nature all around us. At around 6 pm we were about to leave when we saw small orange patches in the sky. We waited; the sky turned golden, then lavender, pink, and a lot more wonderful shades I can’t name. It was perhaps the most spectacular sunset I have witnessed in my life. The colours turned in depth and the glow of the setting sun was all around. After around 10 minutes, it was dark all around us. We headed for our car and started our journey back. I was literally shivering and holding my shawl tightly.

So – I loved the trip! :-)

And the best part, we prepared some hot dinner at home; all four pairs of hands contributed and we had a late, though wonderful dinner. And slept tightly the whole night.

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Ivy said...

Hey nice picture of you guys. The one of sunset's wonderful as well.