On Reaching home...

Nowadays it is a bit boring when I reach home in the evenings. Reason - my brother has left Bangalore. For the past three months he was staying with us and it was really great! My brother was a freelancer during this period, and had the opportunity to be at home all day long. And it was a blessing for me, because, when I reach home there is someone to welcome me home :-) That is a real great feeling - coming home when someone dear is already there. My husband reaches late and is spared of the horror when you reach home early.

When my brother was with us, I would reach and ring the bell untill he came and opened the door. Then two cups of hot coffee for both of us, watch a bit of television (MasterChef Australia) together, a bit of chatting, and then move on to our jobs for the day.

Now things are different. I reach home, do not ring the bell. Instead, I fetch the keys out of my bag and open the door, switch on the lights, leave the doors and windows open for a while. No coffee or watching television. I right away move onto things to keep me busy and forget about being lonely. Nowadays I have started hearing all those small sounds in the house which were there even when my brother was there. I rarely go to the terrace in the evenings to spend time with my plants - I think that I'll not hear if somebody comes and rings the bell, fear that someone will sneak into the rooms while I am on the terrace, and a lot more wild thoughts run into my mind.

It is a real bad feeling when you arrive home and are lonely. I wait eagerly each day for my husband to arrive and till he reaches I am restless. It is really wonderful to have your loved ones at home, always.

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