Christmas 2010

Finally another Christmas is here... And want to know what we did for Christmas this year? Well, we bought a small christmas tree and decorated it :-) I am so excited about this because it is my first Christmas tree. Wanna see how I decorated it, see here.

We put a silver shiny star in front of our house. Planning for something more in the evening. :-)

During the day we went out to the Cake Exhibition happening in the St. Joseph School Grounds. Though the event was a much awaited one, I was not too happy with the exhibition. It was toooooo crowded, hoooot, and an unorganized exhibition. But I loved two exhibits.

UB City was just opposite to the exhibition ground and we went there and spent some time there. Then we did a bit of yarn shopping from the Commercial Street, had lunch together, and finally reached home by evening.

Merry Christmas to all of you out there!!! :-)

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