Happy Me!

Its been raining most of the evenings here out in Bangalore. Some days it got really cloudy and dark and became really cool. The moisture laden winds were what I loved the most. It was wonderful to ride my two wheeler when it was about to rain! Bliss! Along with the rains I have been enjoying a lot recently. Wondering what all made me happy?

I love being in the company of my husband, parents, and Mittu. It really feels great when I reach home everyday. It would be a bit depressing when my parents go back to Kerala. But still I am happy that my husband is along. Wondering how quickly we got together! :-)

I have sowed a couple of seeds. All of them have started sprouting. Every morning the first thing I do now is water the sprouts. It gives me immense pleasure to see the green foilage. But one shallot's leaves have started yellowish. I guess that one container has water in excess. Should check it out.

I have started crocheting my to-be blanket again. Its been a long time since I worked on it. And I have rolled out all my yarn heaps which were kept pushed towards a corner. More happiness, as I have a storage place for my crafty items now.

I have come across a lot of new craft and gardening blogs recently. The photos and posts inspire and make me happy everyday.

And last but not the least, the wind has started blowing again. It may rain in a few minutes! :-) Hope you all have a lovely evening.

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