Home Alone

Its raining heavily outside and there is no power. I seem to be the happiest person now :-) Except for me and Mittu, there's none at home. I have kept the doors open and the cool breeze is blowing in. Gleee... I am enjoying it. The system has a lil more of power left in it. Hope it will let me complete my post today. And now I am wondering what I should write about. Hmmm.... Still wondering!

Did I ever tell you guys that I have stayed alone in a house for around three months? I don't think so. Well now I am reminded of that. It was during those three months that I completed my certification in Tech Writing. The house belonged to my friend's grandparents and they were in Singapore. So I got this ground floor of the house all to myself. And a wonderful doggy, Tintu, also. Ahem, ahem.. I did have to pay the rent. It was not free.

Staying at the house was indeed a big challenge. Though the surroundings of the house were well kept, the house was not. There were big rats in the kitchen, some frogs in the work area, and a lot of cockroaches. I used only a portion of the kitchen. I never got into the work area. There was a store room of which I had never opened the door of the fear as to what would jump out. The paint was peeling out at places. There were heaps of newspapers and old toys in a corner of the dining rooms and lots of dust everywhere. I kept only those places clean where I used. I was actually a bit scared to touch things over there.

Though the house was a bit old and shabby I must say that there were some things wonderful about this period. Tintu was a very good companion to me. It was tied just outside my window and it would keep sniffing and growling slowly. So I was never scared of being alone in the house. All alternate days I used to bathe Tintu. Though she didn't like it much, she never misbehaved with me. I must tell you that I never had a pet dog in my life and Tintu was the first dog I ever gave a bathe and considered it as my pet as well. I am indeed a person who is scared of loneliness and darkness. But now I wonder how I managed to stay there all alone. Some nights there would be power failure and I would lay awake the whole night. Another thing about my stay here was that I started cooking alone here. I used to prepare coffee, rice, curries, noodles, and certain other dishes which I never dared to share with anyone else.

At this house, I had a lot of time to myself. I could watch television till I wanted to, on holidays sleep till I felt anymore lazy to sleep, and write, read, or just be lazy around. In a way it was good. Now I am wondering why I didn't learn crochet then. I had all the time in the world then. Some evenings loneliness attacked me. This was when I would feel homesick and sad. But I was able to overcome all those things.

Some nights when it rained over there, I would keep the windows open and enjoy the platter and small drops alone in the dark. And that same feeling am I getting now being all alone here! I must say, at times its good to be alone also. But not always. My husband will be home any moment. So now the waiting starts...

Enjoy your day!


nryn said...

Jeez! Nearly 4 years on! I remember you telling about the ghastly place!

Resmi... said...

Yeah! 4 yrs! Hw time flies!!!