I was on 3 days leave the last week. Guess what I did! We went to Kerala. :-) It was a much awaited vacation. It was our first trip to Kerala after marriage. I was so eager to see our parents and Mittu. And did I tell you that my cousin sister, Raji, delivered a baby girl just a week after our marriage. This was the time to visit all.

There was one thing which we didn't enjoy about our stay there. It was too hot! We were sweating all the while. Luckily there was never a power cut when we were there. And unluckily, it never rained there as well! :-(

Coming back to Bangalore is always a pain. But this time it was not. I was very much excited. My parents were coming along! And so was Mittu. But there were some hardships in the journey. First was that we got a station prior to the one we booked and in the hurry forgot to take the ticket. So, was charged a fine by the TTE :-( Secondly, our tickets didn't get confirmed! We got 3 berths for 4 people. So me and my husband had to adjust on that one berth, all crumpled up. Not to say, we couldn't sleep properly. Last, but not the least, we had some co-passengers who kept blabbering and throwing tantrums all along the journey. So, an uncomfortable journey on the whole!

But after reaching back, it feels good. There is noise and more happiness in the house now. Adding to the happiness, it rained the last two evenings, I am crocheting a new mobile pouch, have lots of time to spend with family. And my shallot, which I planted a week ago, has started sprouting.

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