Weekend Chores!

It is so wonderful when you have a person you love with you always. Yes, I am speaking about my new life and the person in it. Its really beautiful. We have moved into our new home (of course a rented one :-)) and have started our lives together. The bits and pieces from shifting are still not arranged. But the place is comfortable enough for us now.

Everyday seems interesting enough. Starting from cooking, the travel together, and the evenings together, I am enjoying every bit. My family and relationships have expanded now. The number of people to enquire about and who keeps enquiring about have increased. That is indeed a good feeling. But sometimes I feel that I don't get enough time for all.

Settling in with the new life is still pending. First we need to make our house better. For this we have to unpack the things, arrange everything, and get used to the house. Then we have to create routines or atleast try to do that. Now everything is done in a hurry. Cooking, washing, cleaning, resting; it seems like there is no time for everything. But yes we have to sort it out. Weekends are what we look forward to. But when the weekend comes we lazily sleep of or sit comfortably in each others' company.

I am doing a bit of home modification. Using whatever naive skills I have at crafting to modify the bad things at home. I keep looking around for whatever I can find to make our house beautiful and lively. Right from mats and curtains to my colourful yarn and try to put it in place. So lets see what I can do this weekend to make our house better! :-) Happy weekend all!

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