I am back again to my normal life but with a small difference. Now I am married! :-) It does feel good, especially the new people, their love, and even the smallest thoughts and acts of love I get.

Like most people say, my marriage ceremony also finished even before I could fully enjoy it. I was completely lost during that time. Lots of people around, relatives, friends, photo sessions, irritation of being in an uncomfortable makeup and lots of things like that. But very soon I was sitting and weeping at the pain of leaving my parents. Then started the new part of life. Entry into a new house full of unknown people. All came and introduced themselves. But it really took a lot of time to get registered.

The two weeks I spent in Kerala after my marriage was wonderful. The feeling of being close to near and dear ones everytime is really wonderful. But leaving them back was painful. Now I am back in Bangalore. Back to my normal life with a new person always with me. That is a good feeling though :-)

Lots of things to be done now. Right from unpacking things, arranging them, and getting adjusted to the new LIFE!!!

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